WHO Warns Hundreds of Contaminated Bank Notes Can Spread Coronavirus, Says Go Cashless Instead

As of March 5th, the Coronavirus figures stand at 97,981 confirmed cases and 3,355 fatalities. Virus shows no sign of receding and in the latest update and advisory, the WHO (World Health Organization) has recommended people to stop using banknotes as they could be spreading the virus. Speaking to press WHO told reporters that people should consider cashless and contactless payments instead.


1WHO is advising people to go cashless

The World Health Organization is advising people to start washing their hands and avoid using cash because the paper bills could be spreading the virus. It said that the virus Covid19 could cling to paper bills and remain there for several days which is why shoppers should use contactless cards to prevent contracting the coronavirus from dirty cash notes.

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2Not handling banknotes will reduce the spread of coronavirus

A WHO spokesman said that using contactless cards will reduce the risk of the virus because notes that keep changing hands hundreds or thousands of times during circulation could pick up all types of dirt and bugs as they keep getting passed around. This also includes the now deadly coronavirus that has taken the lives of 3355 people and looks to be even worse than the earlier SARS.

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3Experts say that the virus could latch on to notes and remain for several days

The experts say that the coronavirus can latch onto currency in the same way as it can live and survive on hard surfaces such as tables, chairs, doorknobs, toilet handles, and public transport supports and handrails. Thus, by using cashless forms of payments such as cards, you prevent and protect yourself a great deal from it. A person only needs to touch their own card that isn’t handled by others and this prevents the virus for also spreading.

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