WHO Now Acknowledges Evidence That COVID19 May Be an Airborne Disease, Now Stricter Precautions Are Needed

After much pressure from a consortium of scientists who have for some days now appealing to the WHO to acknowledge that the coronavirus has airborne abilities, the world health body admits that it cannot be ruled out and called for more evidence and studies to that effect. A few weeks ago, almost 239 scientists from 32 countries provided evidence of how smaller particles of the virus can infect people.


1The WHO till date has strictly maintained its own stance

The World Health Organization had kept to its stance that that virus spreads from people to people through sneezing and coughing. But not anymore, what can now be something worrying for the world is the fact that the coronavirus is now airborne. What does that mean?

Virus spreads from people to people

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2239 scientists from 39 countries have warned against the airborne ability of the virus

The WHO has said the coronavirus disease spreads primarily from person to person through small droplets from the nose or mouth, which are expelled when a person with COVID-19 coughs, sneezes or speaks. But several scientists from 32 countries say that there is growing evidence that that novel coronavirus can linger in smaller particles in the air. This can even infect people who stay indoors which is alarming news. It was reported in The Times last Saturday. In fact, the research is scheduled to be published in a scientific journal shortly.

Screening Covid19 patient

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3The WHO finally relents to acknowledge the same

The new findings have prompted researchers to pressurize the World Health Organization to review and change their guidelines and recommendations which could affect how people spend their time indoors, in indoor events, offices and confined spaces. If the outcome of the ongoing research is accurate and conclusive, then people may soon be required to wear masks even indoor in spite of social distancing.

Indoor social distancing

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