Why some roads have white markings and some have yellow. Know the reason

In India, it is estimated that 97% road accidents are attributed to ignorant and rash driving. Road safety is a prime concern for government in India and there are steps taken to make the drivers more aware of the rules of safe driving. People should know proper rules before driving their vehicles on the road. Knowledge of proper rules can help drivers avoid lots of accidents. Roads are painted with lines and indicators that serve as guidance for drivers and here are the reasons behind the lines on the road.


1 Solid White Line

The solid white lines are marked on the road which indicates that you must stay in your own lane. The same lines also run along the road marking the shoulders of the road. They are mostly pretty wide and are seen easily. These lines also say that you need to stay in the lanes.

 Solid White Line

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2 Broken White lines

Broken white lines are painted on the road to indicate that you can change lanes. These lines are mostly seen on highways or roads in the city; where changing lanes, is allowed. People should change lanes only if it is safe to do so, and you need to take caution while changing the lanes.

Broken White lines

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3 Double broken white lines

When you see the two parallel broken lines, they are there to indicate, that you have to give way to oncoming traffic when there is a major road ahead of you on the route. These types of lines also mean that you cannot overtake any car in front of you in any condition.

Double broken white lines

Image Source: www.speedlimit.org.uk


4 A Single Solid Yellow Line

If there is one solid Yellow line on the road, you can overtake the car or vehicle in front of you, but the movement should be made safely. The driver can pass or overtake the vehicles in a safe manner and isn’t allowed to cross the Yellow line in the process. But sometimes the ruling depends on state to state.

Yellow Line on the road

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5 Broken Yellow Lines

A broken yellow line is mostly seen on roads that have two-way traffic on them. These lines actually indicate that you can pass on a two way road if the center-line is broken and with caution. The driver should keep an eye for traffic before passing it.

Broken Yellow Lines on the road

Image Source: www.goo.ne.jp


6 Double Solid Yellow Lines

When drivers see double solid yellow lines in the center of the road, it means drivers cannot pass or overtake in any condition. These lines keep drivers safe, on roads where there is heavy traffic or traffic moves at high speed.

Double Solid Yellow Lines

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7 Solid Yellow Lines with Broken yellow line

You might have seen these kinds of solid yellow lines with a broken yellow line next to it. This means that if you are driving on the side of solid yellow line, you cannot overtake in under any circumstance. But if you are driving on the side of the broken yellow lines, you can overtake with caution.

Solid Yellow Lines with Broken yellow line

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