This white shark was bitten in half by a weird creature. You will be terrified to know what bit it


Australia is one place where everything is big, not only its coastline or the size of beer you get there; even the animals are bigger there. There has been a saying in the world of interwebs that ‘everything tries to kill you in Australia.’

This is a video proof that will make you believe that yes that saying has some truth in it, since it shows remains of one of the biggest predators of ocean, in a form that sends shiver down your spine, thinking of the animal that lurks in the ocean that did it to this fish.

1 Great White Sharks: one of the best predators of the ocean

The great white shark is one of the biggest predators of the ocean. It can easily grow to 15 ft and weighs at an impressive 2000 lbs. It is found in the majority of oceans around the world and has no known natural predators other than the killer whale. It is one of the biggest macropredatory fish known to man. It feasts of seabirds and fish amongst other food. It is also the only remaining species of genus Carcharodon, and has developed a liking to humans as it is the numero Uno rated fish in having the most recorded attacks on humans.


But as said in the introduction, in Australia, nothing is safe and the next page will show you the proof that if a fish like the great white shark is not safe in the Australian waters, what is safe? And it also raises the question of what bigger fishes have we not discovered till now and they have been lurking in the oceans of the world undetected.

Great White Sharks

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