Where there is will, there’s way – These trees are growing unusually

Nature has funny ways of making things happen in the world where humans are trying, in every possible manner, to destroy it. Building houses, traffic signs, leaving bikes or other inanimate objects, none of these things aren’t an obstacle for a tree to grow. These trees are heroes and inspiration that when there is a will there is a way for succeeding in life – and literally. Take a look at how these trees grew out of the weirdest of conditions and things.

1 The bike in the middle of a tree

For people who live in the American state of Washington, this tree isn’t anything new. It is located on Vashon Island in Washington and was noted in the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. There is a story behind this; back in 1950, a kid left his bike next to the tree and went to become a King County Sheriff’s deputy. The boy completely forgot about the bike and during half a century, the tree and the bike started a symbiotic life. Today this place is a tourist attraction.

The bike in the middle of the tree

Image Source: www.activerain.trulia.com

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