When her Husband passed away, this pregnant woman chose a wonderful gesture to keep him alive in memories!


Nicole Bennett, hailing from Jackson, Mississippi, had it all- a beautiful home, a loving husband, an adorable son and another child on the way. But everything slipped away from her fingers all of a sudden when her husband Deonta passed away unexpectedly on January 5th. This is the worst thing to happen to a woman, especially when she is pregnant but she chose to stay strong for her four year old son Landen, and her baby girl who was about to be born on March 25th and would never meet her father.

1 What Nicole Wanted To Do?

Nicole wanted to do something special for Deonta and that’s when the idea of the maternity shoot struck her. It was Deonta’s idea to have a maternity shoot when they found out that she’s pregnant. Now that he was no more, she had initially planned on cancelling the shoot. But, this amazing pregnant woman just didn’t wither away in grief and instead chose to do something really beautiful!

What Nicole Wanted To Do?

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