What’s behind Facebook’s celebrate pride tool? Unveiling the facts!

Last year, Facebook celebrated its 10th year anniversary. The tech giant was born on the 4th of February, year 2004. All this started in a college dormitory, where the teenage Zuckerberg was playing hard to bring his vision into existence. Since then, Facebook has ruled the heart and mind of the world.


Recently, the tech giant was in the limelight after it has launched a tool in support of gay rights. The tool was named ‘Celebrate Pride’ after the Supreme Court declared gay rights as a fundamental constitutional right.

For most Facebook users, it’s one of the many ways by which Mark Zuckerberg expresses support on social issues. And they were happy indeed, until the critics came in between. According to the critics, the reason behind the launch of the app is somewhat different from what Zuckerberg says. While everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, let’s allow the readers to decide on the facts. Here, we have compiled everything that you need to know about the Celebrate Pride tool and the recent claims made.


1 Celebrate Pride

In support of the same-sex marriage, Facebook launched the Celebrate Pride tool shortly after the consideration of same-sex marriage in the Fundamental Rights of citizens.

With the tool, it enabled the users to turn their profile photos in rainbow shades. As you visit the ‘Celebrate pride’ tool, there will be a preview of your profile picture filtered with rainbow colors. And if you support the same-sex marriage, or even if the photos just look amusing to you, you can use it as your profile picture by clicking on the button ‘Use As Your Profile Picture’.


It was a great attempt by Facebook to let the world express their emotions in a colorful and vibrant way.

Celebrate Pride

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2 The Enormous Support

Within a few hours following the tool launch, there were about 1 million users who had filtered their profile photos with rainbow colors. The response has been great till now and the gay community can recognize their supporters from around the world.

Such an enormous response was last seen in March 2013, when about 3 million people changed their profile photos to the logo of Human Rights that resembled a red equal sign. Till now, there have been 26 million users who have changed their profile photos with the rainbow filter. According to Facebook’s spokesperson, the number still continues to grow.

The Enormous Support

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3 Critics Claims

Conflict of views popped up when the network scientist of MIT joked about the Celebrate Pride tool on Facebook. According to Cesar Hidalgo, it is one of Facebook’s attempts to study the psychological behavior of human beings. He wrote in his status “The question is, how long will it take for people to change their profile pictures back to normal.”


Another similar status was found just after Facebook launched its app, this time coming from a Ph.D. candidate of the University of Illinois. Satcy Blasiola stated, “This is one Facebook study I want to be included in!”

Suzy Moat, a professor of behavioral science at Warwick business School, said that it is considered normal for companies like Facebook to conduct a research on influential behavior. However, she also mentioned that it was very unlikely that a company with such a huge base will include an experiment as such.

Critics Claims

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4 Facebook Denies

Mark Zuckerberg, happy with the support he gathered from around the world said in a Facebook post, “I’m so happy for all of my friends and everyone in our community who can finally celebrate their love and be recognized as equal couples under the law.”


He also said that there is so much to achieve for the equality of everyone in the community. Although we have made the start, there is still a long way to go. William Nevius, the spokesperson of Facebook denied the claims by saying that it was neither an experiment nor a test. Nevius also said that it was a simple attempt to gather support for the LGBTQ community on Facebook and the website will never use this kind of information gathering technique.

Facebook Denies

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5 The Ultimate Truth

Now, according to sources, Facebook kept track of people who used the Celebrate Pride app. But again, in a defensive statement, the company says that it was just an attempt to know who supports the LGBTQ community.


However, if tracking is the real purpose, then 26 million people who used the app are now part of the survey, without them even knowing. Facebook has one billion users and the rumors that the company may have used this information for a study, is surely going to worry the users.

According to a report, the website has been doing such researches for years. In 2013, Facebook published a study that predicted the support for same-sex marriage. A few similar studies point their involvement in various psychological researches.

The Ultimate Truth

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The idea is quite conflicting. With such a wide database, do they really need to do such type of experiments? We can’t even forget the Zuckerberg-led website, i.e. Facebook, taught us to share our lives, beliefs, and cultures through the Internet in the noblest way. It changed the way we perceive distance; with just a click of a button you can be connected to hundreds of friends. There may be many similar apps, yet Facebook remains the communication king of the decade.


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