What your favorite fruits reveal about your personality?

The summer is around the corner and fruits should be there on your plate in ample amount. Given that fruits are naturally rich in sugar, they make an excellent substitute of sugar and are even delightful to the palates. So, what is your favorite fruit? Mango, orange, kiwi or banana? Well, whatever it is, apart from being delicious and healthy, these fruits reveal much about your personality. Yes, you heard it right, “fruits reveal about your personality and character.”


So, let us see what your favorite fruit says about you:

1 Pineapple

Well, this one fruit gains most votes. Yes, it has a lovely flavor and those who relish it are like the lotus that grows in the mud. Even in the most complicated situations, they can come out with excellence. They are self-reliant, good organizers, and even brave.


When it comes to friendship, these people are a bit cautious, but once they befriend someone, loyalty is guaranteed. Stay alarmed as their sincerity and honesty can easily steal your heart. Altogether, the pineapple lovers can be the gemstones of your life!

woman eating pineapple

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2 Apple

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This is for those who are not much fascinated by the taste of the apple! However, those who love the sweet-sour flavors of apples are categorized by their incredibly charming and outspoken nature. They enjoy extravagance and can act swiftly even in the most difficult of situations.

Talking about love, they have a realistic expectation and avoid opening a fight. Over all, they are cheerful personalities on whom you can rely easily.


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3 Orange

Oranges can be difficult to peel and only those with loads of patience can take the trouble of doing it. In short, your patience level is appreciable. These people are trustworthy, undaunted by hard work and meticulous. From time to time, they can be a workhorse with a result-oriented attitude.


In matters of love, they are very devoted and will do anything to avoid any type of conflict. Over all, these sour flavored people are shy and reliable, with positive attitude towards life and work.


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4 Banana

Talking about what fruits reveal about your personality, let us take a look at the sweetest fruit ever- the humble banana. High in vitamins and fibers, banana is considered an essential part of the daily diet. So, what does this fruit reveal about your personality? If you like to munch on bananas, then we can categorize you as a loving, caring, and very gentle personality. Even with the lack of confidence and a rather timid nature, you turn out to be the winner of many tough situations.

Banana lovers are always worried about their impression and will make quite an effort to maintain it. Even with the bumps and bruises like that of the banana, they are proven to be a great partner with their mental and physical


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5 Peach

Peach means sweet-sour juicy flavor. So, just like the juicy peaches, life is also joyous for you. The peach lovers are friendly and full of joy; they can charm you with their free and outspoken attitude.


When it comes to adventurous trips, these people are the first ones to raise hands. Even in the love matters, they are passionate and sincere. Looks like, they will never let their relation age.


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6 Papaya

Sweet, tender, and colorful like papaya. Yes, these are the best adjectives to describe those who adore papaya. On the top of it, these people can make you laugh out your lungs with their great sense of humor. They are fond of travelling and can easily befriend people. When it comes to romance, you will be easily charmed with their sweet and caring nature.


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7 Pear

“Zestful”, “sensitive”, and “quick-witted” are the best words to describe the pear lovers. However, their urge of instant results can spoil the hard work. Sometimes, they can even be negligent towards life, work and relations that may make them end up in a mess.


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8 Grapes

Grapes come in bunches and so does the life of the grape lovers. These people need loads of attention and love to be surrounded by family and friends. On the career front, they are born leaders and collaborators who love the taste of success. On the lower side of their mood, they can be short-tempered.


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9 Cherry

Moving on with our list of what fruits reveal about your personality, let us see what cherry lovers are like.


Imaginative, creative, amazingly talented, yet unpredictable! These are some top words to explain those who are fond of cherries. These people can shine even in the worst of situations, but when it comes to communication, they clearly hesitate. In relations, they will love you madly, but will not mention it again and again.


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So, next time you eat your favorite fruit, you shall be reminded of what you are.


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