Watch what will happen to our planet if an Earth like asteroid hit us

There is a very scary scenario in the 2011 movie Melancholia, in which a rogue planet is on the path to collide with Earth and it captures the last few days of the lives of the people on Earth, waiting for the inevitable to happen. When someone asked the question of how Earth might be destroyed, the most common answer after pollution is, that Earth will be destroyed when a huge asteroid will collide with the planet, turning it inhabitable within days. This scary scenario was simulated by lovely folks at the Discovery Channel and they have produced a video that is a must watch. See for yourself.


1 Last time when the Earth was hit by an asteroid

Almost all of the scientific community accepts that dinosaurs were wiped off the face of Earth, when big time climate change took place thanks to an asteroid impacting on the Earth’s surface. The crater impact is found in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and the crater is known as Chicxulub crater. The crater hit Earth some 66 million years ago and its impact resulted in a massive climate change that wiped off the dinosaurs and other animal and plant lives on the Earth. The crater was discovered in 1970s and scientists came up with theories of the effect of the impact. They say that its impact would have resulted in mega tsunamis and a cloud of superheated dust, ash and steam would have covered the Earth’s entire surface for more than a decade and made life impossible for dinosaurs and several other living organisms at that time, resulting in mass extinction of their species from Earth.

Earth was hit by an asteroid

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The Discovery channel recently made a video of a simulated event in which a 500 km wide asteroid collides with Earth and shows the impact and its aftermath. Watch the video on the next page.

2 Watch the brilliant simulation made by Discovery Channel

The video shows an asteroid almost the size of Earth and the impact alone creates massive waves in the Pacific Ocean, resulting in mega tsunamis. The impact itself removes the 10 km crust off the Earth’s surface. The resulting shock waves travel at hypersonic speeds, destroying everything in their path. Some of the debris will leave the Earth’s atmosphere and go into orbit. They will then come back to Earth at high speeds and destroy wherever they land. The Earth’s crust, which is full of magma, will start a firestorm that will slowly engulf the whole Earth, leaving nothing behind, but fire and debris all over. All the living beings like humans and animals will die an instant death almost within seconds of the impact, due to the superheated air and Earthquakes caused by the impact. It is a terrifying scenario and the most probable reason how Earth will be destroyed billions of years in the future.


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