What this tattoo artist does for domestic violence victims will touch your heart

Domestic violence is a very serious problem which has plagued almost every country in this world. Women and children especially become victim of this kind of violence due to factors ranging from money to simple violent egos of people who love to hurt others.

The violence not only leaves mental scars but also physical scars which provide remainders for life of the injustice placed on the victims. But one tattoo artist has decided to make those scars beautiful and more bearable for women who have been victim of such violence.

1 Domestic violence

Domestic violence is one of the many ugly faces of our society and relationship. There are also different types of domestic violence. It can be physical, mental and psychological.

Violence can be against women, men and children and it certainly isn’t acceptable in any form, shape or way in any country or society for that matter. And women, children and the men who suffer it seems to come out stronger than ever when they survive such horrific abuse for long and such people should be commended for their strength to finally come out and speak against them and get the much needed help.


The effects of domestic abuse require both medicine and therapy for a long time to come out of it in a healthy way.

Domestic violence

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