What Is Similar In Nations With The Best Coronavirus Responses?

The coronavirus pandemic has become a global menace and each country of the world is doing its best to fight the virus which has taken lives of more than 160,000 people and infected more than 23,00,000 people worldwide. On the one hand there are some nations where the situation is quite bad while on the other hand, there are some nations which have handled the situation very efficiently. A lot depends on the leadership of the country when it comes to dealing with such a crisis and it has been found that the countries where women are at the top positions are the ones which are dealing with the virus in a better way.


Let us take a look at the countries and their women leadership which are dealing with the novel COVID-19 in a better manner:

1 Germany

The Western European country has reported 143,724 positive cases of coronavirus and 4,538 people have lost their lives to this disease. However, the numbers are pretty low in comparison to the numbers reported in other European countries and the government is already working on the phase-wise strategy of getting out from lockdown.


Image Source: apnnews.com

(i) The leadership of Germany

The Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel is getting praised for her prompt approach and the manner in which she shared the truth of this virus with the citizens of Germany. Very calmly she told the people of Germany that this bug should be taken seriously otherwise more than 70 percent of people will get infected.


Image Source: moneycontrol.com

(ii) Testing and public support

The good part was that people of Germany listened to their Chancellor and supported her completely. The testing was done in a comprehensive manner and social distancing was practiced very strictly. The government is planning to reopen small stores in the beginning but there will be some restrictions such as the limit on number of people in the stores, everyone will need to wear masks, etc.


Image Source: cloudfront.net


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