What Is Helicopter Parenting and How It Can Be Damaging Your Child’s Life

9Helicopter parents deprive a child the chance to grow in confidence

An over-involved parent deprives the child of a chance to learn from their surroundings and their mistakes. This leads to an inability to make important decisions when they are adults. It also breeds an ingrained way of thought that their parents don’t believe they are good for anything and can’t do things for themselves. This again results in low self-esteem and poor confidence.


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10What you can do to quit helicopter parenting for good

If you feel that you have displayed the signs of being a helicopter parent, then it is never too late to stop. There are several ways to remedy the damage by taking certain steps that will have a more positive impact on your child. You will also need to change the way you parent your child.


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11Give your child more space

Change your kid’s schedule to give them more space, independence and the choice to pick and choose the activity they want. Giving them free time with no fixed routines or schedules will help develop their own imagination to find creative things to do with their time. Start trusting your kids more and give them more responsibilities around the home like chores according to their age.


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12Help them grow their confidence

When your child fails in something, there is no need to panic because it isn’t a failure but an opportunity to learn and be more careful the next time. Mistakes are all part of the growing, developing and learning process. It fortifies your child emotionally and with enough practical knowledge to manage disappointments and failures when they are adults. You as a parent also learn from your child’s mistakes by seeing the positive impact it could have in the long run. As a parent, you need to sometimes let your child gain confidence by taking their own risks. You can monitor from the side-lines which will keep the child secure in knowing that you are always there when and if they need you. However, don’t involve yourself in every decision.


It would be wise to consult a child psychologist to help you develop a good parenting style in case you find it difficult yourself.

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