What Is Helicopter Parenting and How It Can Be Damaging Your Child’s Life

5You can’t let your child fail

Your desire for your child to succeed is so bad and obsessive that you become an obstacle to him doing so. You get too involved in their school life and just calling and speaking to their teacher isn’t enough, you even start to do your kid’s homework, their essays, their school practical projects and you try to manipulate things so that the child gets into a class or a teacher or coach that you feel will help them as well.


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6You make life too safe for them

If your child wants a cycle, you insist on training wheels regardless of their age, if they want to go and play a game of soccer, you don’t allow it, you get a virtual heart attack each time your child speaks of going on a class trip. Overprotective parents are always stressed, paranoid and tense. They don’t relax because everything is a threat to their children. For them, there is danger lurking everywhere.


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7Reasons why helicopter parenting is harmful for your child

The biggest reasons helicopter parents will give about their style of parenting is that they do it out of love for the child and want them to be always happy. The reality is that helicopter parenting results in a child becoming a failure in life simply because they have never been able to do anything themselves. The child has no clue how to deal with various situations, stress, frustration and problems of daily life.


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8Helicopter parenting can cause burnout in children

According to studies, helicopter parenting can result in total burnout in school and college students because of the difficulty in coping. Moreover, studies have found that helicopter parenting has also resulted in depressions, low self-esteem and low satisfaction even later in adult life.


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