What Is Helicopter Parenting and How It Can Be Damaging Your Child’s Life

Overprotective parents are not good for the development of a child. If their kid gets into a fight with another at school or the playground, they do not hesitate to call the parents of the other child. Such parents are so obsessed over their child’s performances at school, high school and college that they will even end up doing the college goer’s assignment just to make sure he gets a good grade. The nature of some parents to hover over their children is what is called a helicopter parent. These are overprotective parents who do not allow a child to grow, nor give them any space to become an individual, they try to control every facet of their life and every move to the extent of nothing concerning the kid escaping their eye, here are the typical features of a helicopter parent.


1What is helicopter parenting?

In 1969, Doctor Haim Ginott coined the term helicopter parenting to describe parents who are overprotective of their children and trying to control every aspect of their children’s life. Their interference resembled the hovering of a helicopter over a target. There are other terms also that have been coined to describe such parents. These are lawnmower parenting or bulldozer parenting.

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2Helicopter parenting is becoming common nowadays

Experts say that the aspect of helicopter parenting is a big trend nowadays among modern parents. The biggest reason for helicopter parenting is to make the life of the child over comfortable so that every possible element of disappointment in the child’s life is eliminated. Parents tend to become the more active one on the parent-child relationship protecting the child from every conceivable threat no matter how small it may be.

As a result, the child’s freedom is completely compromised including their freedom and ability to make their own decisions and learn from mistakes. This important element of child development becomes non-existent. Helicopter parenting is of many different types and they have been described here resigns of helicopter parenting.


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3You keep your child “on a leash.”

There is an invisible leash between you and the child. You even drop them off to school even when they are grown up, you follow them to events, occasions, and birthday parties because you want as much information on the surroundings of your child. Even when your child is asked a question, you interrupt them and answer it yourself. You become your child’s shadow.


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4You walk in your kid’s shoes

You don’t even allow your child to solve their own problems or find solutions to obstacles; you immediately butt in with a solution and do it also on your own. If there is a conflict with your child’s peers at school, then you are quick to meet the teacher the next day demanding that the parents of the other children be called. You don’t teach your kids what to do and how to behave in such situations, you make them stand back and you take over.


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