What Is Convalescent Plasma Therapy and Why Doctors Feel It May Be Extremely Effective Against The Coronavirus

Even as doctors and scientists are busy researching the COVID19 coronavirus for new cures or effective management of the disease, one new type of potential treatment is doing the rounds of the medical fraternity who are exploring the idea of using plasma collected from COVID19 patients to treat those affected by the disease. Yes, that’s right. The remedy makes sense to doctors who feel that the antibodies accumulated in the blood plasma of recovered patients could benefit those severely ill with the virus helping them to manage it better. It may also prevent more severe complications of the disease.


1Doctors are exploring plasma therapy for coronavirus patients

Doctors have now found some evidence that suggests those severely affected by COVID 19 can benefit from blood plasma infusions collected from people who have recovered from the coronavirus. Scientists working in different Chinese Hospitals even tested the therapy by giving anti0body rich plasma to 15 patients who were seriously ill with the coronavirus. The majority of them made drastic improvements.

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2Small studies were carried out in Wuhan

In one study in Wuhan, doctors gave convalescent plasma as it is being called to 10 seriously ill coronavirus patients. When observing them, they found that the levels of the virus had decreased considerably. The health of the patients improved including the symptoms that reduced in intensity and which ranged firm fever, coughs, breathlessness and chest pain.

The author of the study Xiaoming Yang, from the National Engineering Technology Research Center for Combined Vaccines in Wuhan, said that the treatment was a promising rescue option but also felt that more randomized trials were needed to completely confirm the findings. The study was published and reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


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3The same happened in Shenzhen hospital

In Shenzhen’s third people’s hospital a team of doctors had administered convalescent plasma to patients who were critically ill. All improved after the therapy in just 10 days. The three who were on ventilators did not need them anymore as per an initial report in the Journal of the American Association. These findings give a lot of hope that blood donation from patients who have recovered can help serious patients fight the infection. However, at this stage it is impossible to figure out how beneficial the treatment can be because the trials were informal and too small to provide much evidence of the complete benefits of the therapy.


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