Here’s What Can Happen If a Nuclear Bomb Is Detonated in the Mariana Trench

13The earth would be pushed out of orbit

The deadly force of the impact would push the earth out of orbit which will bring earth very close to the sun. This would fry everything making the earth into another Venus.

The earth would be pushed out of orbit

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14Or it could push out in an opposite direction away from the sun

In an alternate scenario, it could also push the earth further out into space; it could push earth further out of its orbit into space creating a permanent winter.

earth moving away from sun

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15Or the impact could simply disintegrate earth

The deadly impact along with the force of the tectonic plates could simply tear the planet apart throwing killing humans instantly and throwing them into space. That is what happens when there is a nuclear explosion in the Marianas trench.

disintegrate earth

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16The Fortunate thing that can happen

Humans are no fools and they have seen the impact on the atmosphere by the Tsar Bomb, the nuclear countries have signed an agreement in 1963 in Moscow banning nuclear weapons tests in the atmosphere, space or underwater to prevent a nuclear catastrophe.

The Fortunate thing that can happen

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17We hope present day mavericks see reason

Hopefully, the present madmen at the helm of certain countries won’t lose their minds in doing the unthinkable.

We hope present day mavericks

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