Here’s What Can Happen If a Nuclear Bomb Is Detonated in the Mariana Trench

9The reason for the destruction

The main reasons for this devastation are the fact that the Mariana Trench is located at the border of the Filipino and pacific tectonic plates. The major disturbance of these two plates will mean a divergence or convergence of the planet. Either way the results will be earth shattering and deadly. The tectonic plates will transmit the energy of the blast to each and every corner of the planet at mach speed or the speed of sound. You can well imagine the devastation because the tsunamis generated would be too large to comprehend. In addition earthquakes would crack open the earth’s surface especially along the ring of fire.

The reason for the destruction

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10Can you escape by plane?

No! that only happens in movies like 2012. In reality, the gigantic volcanic reactions will make air travel will be deadly. Volcanic activity will cause continuous acid rain which along with volcanic ash will block out sunlight making air travel virtually impossible.


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11Life on earth would be extinct

The ongoing catastrophe would be fatal for humans where Life on earth would be destroyed and end up on the brink of extinction and those who survive will ultimately perish which means life on earth will be extinct.

Life on earth would be extinct

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12A new continent would form

Exploding the likes of the Tsar bomb at just 1.5 miles of the bottom of the Mariana Trench would punch a huge hole in the earth’s crust causing magma to explode and create magma fountains all over the earth. The magma fountain solidifying would create a new continent.

A new continent would form

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