Here’s What Can Happen If a Nuclear Bomb Is Detonated in the Mariana Trench

5400 feet tsunamis

A nuclear explosion in the Mariana Trench would cause 400 feet tsunami would be the immediate terrifying result that would consume all of Japan and entire Southeast Asia. Half of Australia and China may end up becoming a second Atlantis. San Francisco and Los Angeles will also be devoured by 250 feet waves.

400 feet tsunamis

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6But the worst is yet to come

If you thought this was a doomsday scenario, then you would be mistaken because this is only what would happen if the bomb was detonated just a little below the mouth of the Mariana Trench. If the bomb was detonated right at the bottom of the trench, the result would be a nightmare for the planet. Here’s what would happen.

bottom of the trench

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7 Massive tsunamis and flooding

Areas prone to tsunamis would bear the brunt of the ocean. Countries in Southeast Asia would be soon underwater and ravaged by tsunamis the likes of which you only see in movies. Coastal cities would be underwater and cities further inland would be flooded.

Massive tsunamis and flooding

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8Volcanoes across the planet would erupt

Live volcanoes and semi-dormant volcanoes across the planet would light up like Christmas trees spewing ash and lava into the atmosphere. Ash clouds would consume many inhabited areas in the vicinities of these volcanoes.

Volcanoes across the planet would erupt

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