Here’s What Can Happen If a Nuclear Bomb Is Detonated in the Mariana Trench


Can you imagine if a nuclear bomb was detonated in the Mariana trench what would happen? Obviously, no one in their right mind would want to do that but then the question has generated a lot of interest on the internet until a YouTuber came up with the most scientific answer. So read on to find out what happens when a nuclear explosion in the Marianna trench occurs.

1The Mariana Trench is the deepest crevasse on the planet

As you know the Mariana Trench is the deepest crevasse in the planet being 7 miles deep and 3 miles wide and being in the western Pacific Ocean, makes it a mysterious and difficult area to explore. The nuclear bomb in question which is considered to make a considerable impact is the Tsar bomb of Soviet Russia.

Mariana Trench

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2The Tsar bomb packs a load of 58.6 megatons of power

The infamous Tsar Bomb of Soviet Russia packs a huge punch. This was the same bomb that the Soviets possessed as a deterrent against the west during the time of the cold war. It packs a huge punch with 58.6 megatons of energy which when exploded with create a shockwave that could circle the globe three times. Could you imagine what would happen if that was detonated in the Mariana trench.

The Tsar bomb packs

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3A number of factors have to be considered

Before dropping the bomb, there are a number of factors have to be considered such as delivering the payload and how to do it. Factors of water depth and pressure also have to be considered to prevent the bomb being crushed under the pressure. But even if the bomb is crushed, the radiation would be emitted for years.

Tsar Bomb explosion

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4The results would be devastating

If the payload was delivered by a submarine and the bomb was successfully detonated, the results would be devastating.

bomb was successfully detonated

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5400 feet tsunamis

A nuclear explosion in the Mariana Trench would cause 400 feet tsunami would be the immediate terrifying result that would consume all of Japan and entire Southeast Asia. Half of Australia and China may end up becoming a second Atlantis. San Francisco and Los Angeles will also be devoured by 250 feet waves.

400 feet tsunamis

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6But the worst is yet to come

If you thought this was a doomsday scenario, then you would be mistaken because this is only what would happen if the bomb was detonated just a little below the mouth of the Mariana Trench. If the bomb was detonated right at the bottom of the trench, the result would be a nightmare for the planet. Here’s what would happen.

bottom of the trench

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7 Massive tsunamis and flooding

Areas prone to tsunamis would bear the brunt of the ocean. Countries in Southeast Asia would be soon underwater and ravaged by tsunamis the likes of which you only see in movies. Coastal cities would be underwater and cities further inland would be flooded.

Massive tsunamis and flooding

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8Volcanoes across the planet would erupt

Live volcanoes and semi-dormant volcanoes across the planet would light up like Christmas trees spewing ash and lava into the atmosphere. Ash clouds would consume many inhabited areas in the vicinities of these volcanoes.

Volcanoes across the planet would erupt

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9The reason for the destruction

The main reasons for this devastation are the fact that the Mariana Trench is located at the border of the Filipino and pacific tectonic plates. The major disturbance of these two plates will mean a divergence or convergence of the planet. Either way the results will be earth shattering and deadly. The tectonic plates will transmit the energy of the blast to each and every corner of the planet at mach speed or the speed of sound. You can well imagine the devastation because the tsunamis generated would be too large to comprehend. In addition earthquakes would crack open the earth’s surface especially along the ring of fire.

The reason for the destruction

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10Can you escape by plane?

No! that only happens in movies like 2012. In reality, the gigantic volcanic reactions will make air travel will be deadly. Volcanic activity will cause continuous acid rain which along with volcanic ash will block out sunlight making air travel virtually impossible.


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11Life on earth would be extinct

The ongoing catastrophe would be fatal for humans where Life on earth would be destroyed and end up on the brink of extinction and those who survive will ultimately perish which means life on earth will be extinct.

Life on earth would be extinct

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12A new continent would form

Exploding the likes of the Tsar bomb at just 1.5 miles of the bottom of the Mariana Trench would punch a huge hole in the earth’s crust causing magma to explode and create magma fountains all over the earth. The magma fountain solidifying would create a new continent.

A new continent would form

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13The earth would be pushed out of orbit

The deadly force of the impact would push the earth out of orbit which will bring earth very close to the sun. This would fry everything making the earth into another Venus.

The earth would be pushed out of orbit

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14Or it could push out in an opposite direction away from the sun

In an alternate scenario, it could also push the earth further out into space; it could push earth further out of its orbit into space creating a permanent winter.

earth moving away from sun

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15Or the impact could simply disintegrate earth

The deadly impact along with the force of the tectonic plates could simply tear the planet apart throwing killing humans instantly and throwing them into space. That is what happens when there is a nuclear explosion in the Marianas trench.

disintegrate earth

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16The Fortunate thing that can happen

Humans are no fools and they have seen the impact on the atmosphere by the Tsar Bomb, the nuclear countries have signed an agreement in 1963 in Moscow banning nuclear weapons tests in the atmosphere, space or underwater to prevent a nuclear catastrophe.

The Fortunate thing that can happen

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17We hope present day mavericks see reason

Hopefully, the present madmen at the helm of certain countries won’t lose their minds in doing the unthinkable.

We hope present day mavericks

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