What happens if your baby is born on an airplane?


Babies are not born on planes very often, but when the baby decides that it is the time for him to see the light, he will not ask you for permission or even care about where you are in that moment.

A lot of people think that when a baby is born on an airplane he will be able to get free plane tickets. Is that true? How come a birth on an airplane can be possible? What is the nationality of the baby?

Keep on reading and you will know more information about this very interesting topic!


1 Are babies born in-flight entitled to discounts and benefits for the rest of their lives?

You will be disappointment for sure! There will be no free tickets for the baby born in-flight! It is only an “urban legend”.

Air France does not offer free tickets, but according to its spokesman, the company will congratulate the parents by giving them a free “bottle” to celebrate that happy moment. Also, the captain does not automatically become the godfather of the newborn.

As for British Airways, they do not give any guarantee either any special status to the babies born aboard their aircraft.

Are babies born in-flight entitled to discounts and benefits for the rest of their lives

Image Source: www.airasia.com


American Airlines confirms “the baby is already entitled to a free flight until landing” has said the spokesman of the company.

Other means of transport are more generous. It is the case of the San Francisco train: a baby was born abroad in July 1996 and got the right to travel for free during all his life on that line.

However, other companies may give you and your child free flights for life!


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