What does your Zodiac sign say about you?

Each zodiac sign has a separate set of persona than the other signs. It is important to understand our zodiac signs better as it will help us to achieve success. It might sound as a pseudo-science to many, but if we explore it deep, we will be surprised to gain the bundle of miracle that the cosmos offers. Did you know that the people who possess Taurus are very stubborn and Cancers are very moody? Have a great time by reading persona predictions of the zodiac signs listed below.


1 Aries (March 21 – April 20)

Strong Point: Aries are very independent in nature. They will be very happy when they are single and forming a relationship with them will be very hard. They are very generous, filled with positive energy, brave and very enthusiastic in nature. Aries will be loyal till the end and will fight for the cause they are supporting. They have an excellent sense of humor too.

Weak Point: Aries are short tempered. They can be impatient too and their Thoughtless speech will make one go mad.


Love/Dating: An Aries woman is filled with energy and hot-blooded. If you are looking for an independent woman who can handle herself, then choose an Aries woman. An Aries man is filled with adventure, and if you are planning to have a relationship with him, you need to be trendy and novel.


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Erotic Area: Head is the most erotic area for an Aries person.

Work Life: The adventurous nature of Aries, will tend them to take new projects but, if they do not get immediate success, they would lose interest and give up. They cannot bear failure but are successful Leaders. Any project with an Aries head, is usually successful.


2 Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

Strong Point: Though Taurus is believed to possess the skill of leading the way in an unknown path, they are very dependable in nature. They are very loyal and can be trusted upon for anything. Also, their patient nature will portray them as the most lovable and sympathetic.

Weak Point: Taurus is stubborn and lazy in nature. Moreover, because of their materialistic nature they tend to lose money on their friends by throwing lavish parties. Taurus is not okay with change, it would make them nervous.


Love/Dating: A Taurus woman is old fashioned and she will not tolerate a man who is not true to her. Trust once broken cannot be built back. She will also prove to be the master of seduction. If she is nurtured and pampered well, she will be devoted to her mate.

A Taurus man is very down to earth and will look only for a life time soul mate. He will not be interested in short term relationships


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Erotic Area: The hot spot of Taurus is the throat and neck.


Work Life: Even when others give up, a Taurus will not give up. They can do well in the finance sectors and their advices in this area will lead to immense growth.

3 Gemini ( May 22 to June 21)

Strong Point: Gemini is good at multitasking. They are filled with energy and play on the safe side cleverly with their words. Their friendly nature makes them a social butterfly. Gemini is also witty in nature which attracts crowds towards them.


Weak Point: They never mind their own business, their personality is such that they are very inquisitive towards gossips. Also, they cannot make important decisions on their own.

Love/Dating: Having a date with a Gemini woman will make feel like having a meet with a friend, because of her friendly nature. She will be devoted to the man whose knowledge is more than her.

You will have to face a tough competition if you are looking forward to date a Gemini man. This is because he will have his own fan followers because of his clever and witty nature. He is very clever to convert any girl from being a friend to his mate in bed.


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Erotic Area: Hands and arms play a major role in seducing a Gemini.

Work Life: Since Gemini is prone to distribute energy on different tasks, they cannot focus on one task. This would leave them to be part of unfinished projects. They can play good in Managing roles or in leading teams because of their social and motivating nature.


4 Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Strong Point: People of this group are very caring in nature. They are also loyal to their friends. Anyone can trust them and convey their secrets to them.

Weak Point: Cancer is contradictory in nature. They always prefer to be in the comfort zone. Also, they are unpredictable. They are back biters too. When someone scolds them before a group, they would react against the person only behind his back.

Love/Dating: One should be extremely patient and tender while dealing with a cancer woman. She will never make her first move. She looks only for security and love from a man.


A cancer man is very romantic and flirtatious in nature. Once when he is involved in a relationship, he will be very possessive of the lady.


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Erotic Area: Chest for men and breast for women are the sensational spots.


Work Life: Cancer can prove to be excellent business people and good investors. Once they set a goal, they will not get tired until achieving their goals. Specially, on monetary grounds, they properly focus their energy into it and derive all profit on the invested amount.

5 Leo (July 23 – August 21)

Strong Point: Leo means Lion. Lion is known for its ruling nature. Leo always, remains as the center of attraction. Leo is very confident of doing things, even if it is totally new. They are also highly ambitious in nature, which makes them achieve their goals at ease.

Weak Point: Because of their dominating and stubborn character they will at times find difficult to survive problems. They are also very sensitive in nature and often hurt by their self-ego.


Love/Dating: A Leo woman will fall only if she is praised and adored. She possesses dazzling personality which will automatically attract men towards her.

A Leo man is always in airs. Because of this nature, his love life seldom succeeds. He looks for a partner who is down to earth and takes all his orders. He also requires praise and appreciation most of the times.


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Erotic Area: Muscular back is Leo’s erogenous area

Work Life: A Leo cannot take orders, instead, can give orders. They can lead a team, but not work under someone. Even if a Leo does not have the lead role in the beginning, finally they will grab the lead position. A Leo always looks forward to make a change in the workplace.

6 Virgo (August 22 – September 23)

Strong Point: Virgo possesses much intelligence. They also hold very strong analytical skills. Virgo is very helpful to anyone and can be relied upon anytime. They are also renowned for their precise nature.


Weak Point: Virgo can behave very fussy at times and irritate others. They do not believe anyone and tend to be skeptical always.

Love/Dating: A Virgo woman is very timid in nature. She will play very hard to get her needs quenched. She is self-disciplined in nature, so she will work hard to bring an order to life. She will also be devoted and loyal to the man she is engaged.

A Virgo man will treat his mate like an equal partner. He looks only for a classy woman. He is not very romantic, but will stay on his partner’s side and will be very loyal to his woman.


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Erotic Area: Stomach is Virgos sensitive area

Work Life: Virgos are rational thinkers, so they can hold positions that could solve the dispute of people. Also because of their intelligence, they can do well in the Police department.

7 Libra (September 24 – October 23)

Strong Point: Libra are very diplomatic in nature. They think from other’s shoe and take decisions based on their view. They will be the center of attraction in a group and grab the attention of everyone. Libra loves luxury and spends a lot of money purchasing beautiful things to have around them.

Weak Point: Libra cannot be relied upon. They also waste a lot of money because of their lazy nature and crave for luxury. Libra cannot make good decisions on important matters.


Love/Dating: It is very important to be romantic with a Libra woman to keep her happy. At times it might take time for her to respond, it is because of her lazy nature. She is dramatically obsessed. Giving her a rose flower and love cards would really impress her.

Libra man is known for his charming nature. He is always on the search for the perfect woman, but he will not be satisfied with one. He always expects appreciation from his mate.


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Erotic Area: Lower back is Libra’s erotic area


Work Life: Libra can only initiate business ideas and cannot run a business. They are very lazy in nature and will not dirty their hands by doing a work. They will also possess artistic skills, they can be good painters, actors, interior decorators and compose music.

8 Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)

Strong Point: The Scorpio category is very loyal in nature. Being passionate towards the work they do is a positive trait in them. They are also observant and make eminent decisions depending on the situations.

Weak Point: Scorpios are jealous and cannot hold to see anyone getting better than them. They are also very manipulative to get anything to their track.

Love/Dating: A Scorpio woman is very demanding and emotional in nature. Man will have to undergo numerous mental tests before winning the confidence of this flirtatious Scorpio woman. She is also very possessive of her man.

It is very easy for any woman to seduce a Scorpio man. He is very obsessed over his partner. Scorpios are prone to mood swings and it is really difficult to understand his temperament.


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Erotic Area: The genitals is Scorpio’s erotic area

Work Life: Scorpio can perform well in key positions. They can be a good political leader or doctor or scientists. Scorpio’s can impact the society to a great extent. Making money out of nothing is their unique trait.

9 Sagittarius (November 23 – December 22)

Strong Point: Sagittarius holds a lot of good luck in them. They have vibrant personality and it is difficult to hold them in a place. Independency is the principle of Sagittarius.

Weak Point: Sagittarius are unemotional in nature. Because of this cold nature, they are detached from their friends as they cannot be relied upon in times of need.

Love/Dating: A Sagittarius woman is only for the man filled with loads of energy. She needs to be kept happy all the time for a long lasting relationship. She will not only be a fun giver but she will also prove to be an adventurous woman.

Only a modest woman can win the love of a Sagittarius man. He does not have a romantic nature but his charm will pull women towards him. He will be very sincere towards his partner.


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Erotic Area: Thighs are Sagittarius’ sensual area

Work Life: Sagittarius can be excellent on stage artists. They can grab the crowd with their humor. They can be good philosophers too. Sagittarius looks for adventurous activities every day and seems to be more attracted to it.

10 Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Strong Point: A Capricorn is very soft in nature. Ambitions and taking measures to achieve them would be the major goals of a Capricorn. Being loyal to their friends is another good point about Capricorns.

Weak Point: It takes a long time to gain the confidence of a Capricorn. They always have a feeling of insecurity and have doubts about themselves.

Love/Dating: A Capricorn woman is very romantic, but she will express it only to the right man. She is soft by nature and a miser too. She will dominate and have a control over the relationship in a very positive way.

It takes a long time for a Capricorn man to set his trust on anyone. After gaining his trust, he will be very faithful and sincere in his relationship.


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Erotic Area: Knees are Capricorn’s sensual part

Work Life: Capricorn are very punctual in nature. They are also very creative in nature. Wise decisions on investment could be made by them.

11 Aquarius (January 21 – February 19)

Strong Point: Aquarius is humanitarian in nature. They are original in their dealings and do not face anything. Being clever and witty, keeps them as the center of attraction in their circle.

Weak Point: Aquarius always tend to miss something in their life, because of which they do not involve in intimate relationships. Speaking the truth without knowing the outcomes is another trait of Aquarius.

Love/Dating: The Aquarius woman is independent and funny. She can never be predicted and always craves for excitement. She will fall only for a man who treats her equal and gives her self-respect.

Unless the Aquarius man is tied with emotions, he will offer long lasting relationships. He will be faithful only if all his needs are met, if not he will fall for where his needs are fulfilled.


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Erotic Area: The ankles and calves are the erotic area

Work Life: Aquarius has the ability to think ahead of future. They are also positive thinkers. So their best suited career could be politics and psychology.

12 Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

Strong Point: Pisces are very compassionate and adaptable in nature. They accept critics and will be highly devoted to their friends.

Weak Point: Pisces is of escapist nature. They are very bad in taking responsibilities. Also, they are very lazy in nature.

Love/Dating: A Pisces woman is charming and feminine. She is not easy to fool around. She would take care of her man like her baby. She cannot take insults or rejections. A Pisces woman will fall for a man only if she is confident that he will nurture and protect her.

A Pisces man tends to have a lot of bad habits and he could come out of the habit only with the help of a woman. He looks for a woman who can delicately dominate him.


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Erotic Area: Feet is Pisces’ erotic area

Work Life: Pisces can be good musicians. They are extremely creative too. Because of their poor self-discipline traits, they cannot achieve greater heights.


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