What doctors thought to be a tumor in this 5 year old girl’s stomach was actually a baby!

With times, we see younger and younger women becoming mothers. With the decreasing age for puberty, it is actually happening. What is the age of the youngest that you know about? 13…12…11? Come further down the number line because this piece of news is going to give a blow to all that you may have heard till now. This mother was only 5 years old when she delivered her baby. Shocked? I was too. To unravel the mystery, read on.


1 How It All Started?

It was one fateful day in the year 1939, when Lina Medina, a 5-year-old in Ticrapo, Peru was brought to the doctor with a swollen stomach. Her abdomen had been swelling for a few months now. The doctors, with the initial checkups suspected that the girl had a tumor that was massive. But the X-Rays cleared her on that.

Then, after a detailed examination, the physician in charge, Dr. Gerardo Lozada, discovered, to his astonishment, that she was expecting and the swelling in the abdomen was nothing but the baby growing in her belly.

How It All Started?

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2 They Found a Condition Called “Precious Puberty”

This was nothing like anything that the world had seen till date. But it was actually a phenomenon called “Precious Puberty” wherein this female child had already developed sexual organs and mammary glands, and her pelvic bone had started widening.

 They Found a Condition Called “Precious Puberty”

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3 The Revelation

When the parents were informed of Lina’s pregnancy, they revealed to the doctor that she had started menstruating when she was just 8 months old. And, for the past few months, she had been missing on her periods.


Evidently, she had been sexually abused by some man,but the question at hand was her health. Dr. Lozado pursued the matter well and prepared for a healthy delivery.

The Revelation

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4 The Due Date –May 14, 1939

A C-section was conducted on Linna for obvious reasons. Lina delivered a healthy baby boy who weighed over 6 pounds. He was named Gerard after her physician Dr. Gerard Lozado.

The Due Date –May 14, 1939

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5 Lina’s Life as a Mother

Since Lina herself was a child of 5 and would not know the difference if she has a tumor or a baby in the stomach, it was thought better to let Gerard and Lina grow up as siblings. It was only when the boy turned 10 that the secret was revealed.

Lina’s Life as a Mother

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6 Happily Ever After?

The father of the child, the one responsible for Lina’s predicament, was never found out. The police may have arrested a suspect, but he was released later due to lack of evidence in the case.

Lina, later, in her adulthood, married Raul Jurado and delivered her second son in 1972. Gerard lived an otherwise healthy life, which was cut short at 40 by a disease of the bone marrow.

Happily Ever After?

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It was last reported that in 2002, she was still living with her husband in a district called “Little Chicago” in Lima, Peru. She now refuses for any interviews. The last major one that she declined was with Reuters.

7 Reality or Hoax

The miraculous story of the girl suspected with tumor is not an ordinary one. Many have brushed it aside as a hoax but the proofs that her administering doctors had produced makes it all clear. It is as real as life itself.


Lina’s story of being the youngest mother in history remains as one of the most astonishing stories till date.

Reality or Hoax

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