What can your hands reveal about your personality and future?

Your hands are a real encyclopedia that can reveal a lot of things about your personality: they reveal your character, your health and even what you can face during your life. To know all this, you have to look and observe them well.

Come on and let’s read together all the pages of your heart…

1 Your fingers indicate your level of femininity

It is all about the index and the ring finger. Measure them and determine which is the longest:

Your fingers indicate your level of femininity

Image Source: www.healthylifetricks.com


A Those with a longer ring finger

Those are the ones that have a higher level of testosterone in their body. They would be more “masculine” or, at least, they could easily become so.

Some of you may refuse to follow this aggressive path, but their deeper nature will remain the same!

B Those with a longer index finger

They would have less testosterone than average and therefore they will be considered more “feminine”. They are calmer and they can’t get angry very easily. Again, there are exceptions but people with a longer index are more likely to follow their natural: to be a calm person.

C Those who have the index as long as the ring

They have reached a certain balance between the two cases above. These people are just as exposed to anger and passion as to peace and quietness.

2 Your hands correspond to one of the four natural elements

According to their shape, your hands represent one of the four elements of nature: air, water, fire and earth. Your element will reveal your character and your natural abilities.

Your hands correspond to one of the four natural elements

Image Source: www.whstatic.com

Air hands

They are long and tight with an elongated hand palm. They are considered very graceful and elegant. They are usually dry. They have thin fingers, and well drawn joints.

Their spirit will allow them to retain a large amount of information. In life, they would move, think, walk and talk fast.

air hands

Image Source: www.askthespirit.com

Fire hands

Fire hands have large palms and short fingers. The shorter they are, the stubborner the person is, especially if the finger joints are wide. People with this kind of hand are fast in taking decisions.

Those people have a unique beauty. They always suggest many new ideas, and they are so passionate, however, their passion seems always to fade very fast.

Fire hands

Image Source: www.deviantart.net

Water hands

Water hands are long, similar to air hands. The difference is their humidity. These hands are very sweaty.
Their palm is round which reveals a natural sweetness and great empathy. Palm and fingertips are sometimes pink. People that have water hands are very emotional, often having a gold heart and great compassion.

Their emotions can be beneficial for them as they can be really dangerous. But they remain those who make the best friends: those who are there for you whenever you need them.

Water hands

Image Source: www.deviantart.net

Earth hands

The most easily recognized. Their palm is large, long and thick. Their fingers are too thick, neither long nor short and their hands are very dry.

That hand would reveal a wise character without necessarily being shy. Those people are the ones that always make sure to finish what they have started. They are usually very skilled when using their hands.

They are not very emotional; they would be also more down-to-earth and pragmatic than average.

Earth hands

Image Source: www.favim.com

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