What can your hands reveal about your personality and future?


Your hands are a real encyclopedia that can reveal a lot of things about your personality: they reveal your character, your health and even what you can face during your life. To know all this, you have to look and observe them well.

Come on and let’s read together all the pages of your heart…

1 Your fingers indicate your level of femininity

It is all about the index and the ring finger. Measure them and determine which is the longest:

Your fingers indicate your level of femininity

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A Those with a longer ring finger

Those are the ones that have a higher level of testosterone in their body. They would be more “masculine” or, at least, they could easily become so.

Some of you may refuse to follow this aggressive path, but their deeper nature will remain the same!

B Those with a longer index finger

They would have less testosterone than average and therefore they will be considered more “feminine”. They are calmer and they can’t get angry very easily. Again, there are exceptions but people with a longer index are more likely to follow their natural: to be a calm person.

C Those who have the index as long as the ring

They have reached a certain balance between the two cases above. These people are just as exposed to anger and passion as to peace and quietness.

2 Your hands correspond to one of the four natural elements

According to their shape, your hands represent one of the four elements of nature: air, water, fire and earth. Your element will reveal your character and your natural abilities.

Your hands correspond to one of the four natural elements

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Air hands

They are long and tight with an elongated hand palm. They are considered very graceful and elegant. They are usually dry. They have thin fingers, and well drawn joints.

Their spirit will allow them to retain a large amount of information. In life, they would move, think, walk and talk fast.

air hands

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Fire hands

Fire hands have large palms and short fingers. The shorter they are, the stubborner the person is, especially if the finger joints are wide. People with this kind of hand are fast in taking decisions.

Those people have a unique beauty. They always suggest many new ideas, and they are so passionate, however, their passion seems always to fade very fast.

Fire hands

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Water hands

Water hands are long, similar to air hands. The difference is their humidity. These hands are very sweaty.
Their palm is round which reveals a natural sweetness and great empathy. Palm and fingertips are sometimes pink. People that have water hands are very emotional, often having a gold heart and great compassion.

Their emotions can be beneficial for them as they can be really dangerous. But they remain those who make the best friends: those who are there for you whenever you need them.

Water hands

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Earth hands

The most easily recognized. Their palm is large, long and thick. Their fingers are too thick, neither long nor short and their hands are very dry.

That hand would reveal a wise character without necessarily being shy. Those people are the ones that always make sure to finish what they have started. They are usually very skilled when using their hands.

They are not very emotional; they would be also more down-to-earth and pragmatic than average.

Earth hands

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3 The color of the hand reveals the body’s state of health

The color of your hands and the sensations they make you feel, maybe real indicators of a serious medical condition. They scratch you, turn red, pale with bend nails … all these symptoms may be an emergency signal!

Hands or blue nails can be a sign of poor blood or even breathing circulation. This can also be a sign of a low internal temperature.

A red palm: When this color is there for a long period of time, it is a sign of fever or even erythema (liver disease).

Swollen Hands and fingers can be a sign of a too salty diet or a manifestation of the hormonal cycle. If you notice any stiffness, this can be a sign of arthritis or any other bad condition.

Redness on woman hands could be probably a sign of pregnancy.

If your hands are too pale, you might be a victim of anemia. This is also the case of bent nails (in this case, you have probably iron deficiency).

The color of the hand reveals the body's state of health

Image Source: www.psychiclibrary.com

4 Let’s read the lines of your palm

Which palm should I look to? The right or the left?

Left palm

The lines on your left palm indicate your deepest character and talents you were born with, which will make you able to analyze your current job, your personality and your health.

Right palm

The lines on your right palm represent what you have obtained after birth. A comparison between these two palms will show you the changes in your personality.

Right palm

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The heart line

  • It reveals the emotional and the physical state of your heart.
  • If it starts on your index, it means that you would be difficult in your decisions when it comes to love.
  • If it starts on your major, you’d be rather the selfish one in a relationship.
  • If it starts on the middle of your palm, then you would fall in love easily!
  • An absent heart line means that logic would lead you more than passion.
  • A little erased line means that you would give little importance to your emotional side.
  • A short and straight line of heart shows that you are not very interested in romance.
  • A long, curved line would mean that you would express your emotions easily.
  • A wavy line shows your tendency to have multiple lovers.
The heart line

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The Head line

It is horizontal, and lies just below your heart line. It represents your style of learning and communication, and your thirst for knowledge.

  • An absent head line shows that you are slow, lazy and sluggish.
  • An erased line shows a lack of concentration and a difficulty of remembering.
  • A short head line indicates that you have a practical mind.
  • A long line means that you are always focused on your work, covered with success and even selfish.
  • A straight line is a sign of a realistic, logical and organized mind.
  • A wavy line shows that you are impatient.
  • A curved line would reveal that you are really creative.
  • If the head line starts from the life line, you would have a strong will.
  • If it is separated from the life line, you would have a great sense of adventure.
The Head line

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The life line

  • The life line reflects physical health and general well-being. The major changes in your life are registered in that line.
  • An absent lifeline indicates great anxiety and nervousness.
  • A deleted line would reveal that you have little energy and a life without adventure.
  • A deeply marked line indicates a quiet and peaceful life.
  • If the line is long in addition to being deep, you would have a lot of energy and vitality.
  • A curved line means that you have an abundance of energy.
  • A straight line would mean you are a prudent person.
  • If you have more than one life line, you would have then the advantage of strength and vitality.
  • A disconnected lifeline means a sudden change in your life or a lifestyle disruption.
  • If the life line is disconnected in both hands, it could indicate a disease or an injury.
The life line

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The line of fate
It crosses vertically your hand. Most of people do not have it. But among those who possess it, it would reveal how your life is influenced by unexpected events.

  • If the line is deep, it would mean that you are very influenced by fate.
  • If it crosses the lifeline, you would be someone who has developed his personality on his own.
  • A disconnected fate line or a line that changes its direction indicates a lot of changes due to external influences.
The line of fate

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