What are the small buttons on your jeans for?

Jeans is one of the most preferred casual wear for men and women. They are available in a variety of colors and price range, depending on the quality. Nowadays various companies are manufacturing jeans for daily wear. They can be worn in office as well. We all love to wear them, but have you ever noticed the small buttons on jeans pockets? Lets find out the reason for their existence if this ever bothered you.


1 Jeans – A casual wear for all

Nowadays, many people wear jeans. They can be worn by men as well as women. Jeans was previously available in the typical blue color that has been seen all around, but now, jeans are available in a variety of colors as well as designs. They are available in full size, half and three quarter size, tight as well as baggy fittings and many more. Men as well as women are both comfortable in wearing jeans for parties, office as well as while out for shopping. Jeans are available in different kind of colors including ocean blues, navy blues and dark blues, khakis and many more.

A casual wear for all

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2 The secret of the buttons

Jeans has always been a favorite wear for all. That is because they are readily available in a variety of colors and sizes and are comfortable as well. They can be used for rough wear as well and the best part is that they can also be worn if they are torn in places. Have you ever realized that some jeans have small buttons on the back pockets? Have you ever wondered what these buttons are for? There is a secret behind the same. The small buttons that are seen on the back pockets of jeans are copper buttons and these copper buttons are known as rivets.

The secret of the buttons

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3 What is the importance of rivets?

Though these small copper buttons look stylish and cute, they are known as rivets. These rivets have basically been riveted on to the jeans because they prevent the jeans from wearing and tearing as well as thinning and ripping apart. These rivets make denim really durable and long lasting as well. Jeans can be worn without washing for days and still look really gorgeous and cool when worn and now you know why they are so durable!

What is the importance of rivets?

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4 When were these copper rivets introduced?

There is a history about copper rivets. These copper rivets were built around the year 1872 by the Americans and the people of the west tried the same on their jeans. It was seen that a tailor called Jacob Davis kept on repairing Jeans pants in San Francisco. People came to him with torn and ripped jeans that were wide open and he kept on repairing the same until he came up with a brilliant idea. He tried repairing the Jeans with the help of small copper buttons that were known as copper rivets. This was a great idea, but an expensive one and thus he approached the Fabric supplier called Levi Strauss with the idea.

When were these copper buttons introduced?

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5 How did Levi Strauss help him?

Levi Strauss helped him by paying him for his new patent and then set up a brand new business where they produced pants with copper buttons on the pockets. This became a great success and people started buying these pants in huge bulk. The success that started in San Francisco spread all across the world and now all people have realized the importance of copper rivets on their jeans pockets.

How did Levi Strauss help him?

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6 Importance of these rivets on your jeans

Are these small tiny metal buttons just for show or for decoration? Are they annoying at times? Do they tend to scratch your nails? Not really. These small metal buttons that were patented by Levi Strauss helps jeans to stay in proper shape. Jeans were invented for people who were hard laborers and needed something to wear that would be durable. Regular cotton trousers tended to wear out and thus Jeans was the ideal wear for them. The small buttons on the jeans helped the workers to wear the jeans for a longer period of time without wearing out easily.

Importance of these buttons on your jeans

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This is the secret of these tiny metal buttons on the jeans pockets that are still available today.These tiny buttons are available in Jeans all across the world thanks to Levi Strauss and the man who invented them.


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