What all can be done if your child is choking?

When you have a child aged 1-5 years in your house, you have to be extra careful of a lot of things. A moment of negligence can lead to a lifetime of regret. One of the things which can happen to your child is –choking. Children have a tendency to put almost everything in their mouths; it is their way of assessing the world around them. And if a child put a marble, or pebble, or even a ring in the mouth, it can easily get stuck in their throat, and can lead to choking, creating breathing problems. Choking is in fact the fourth largest cause of deaths among children aged below 5 years. So, it is better to be safe than sorry, do the following if you your child is choking.

1 Take the coughing of your child as a warning sign

It may not be possible that you watch over your child 24*7, you may be there only and not know what your child has put into his mouth, but if you notice that he is coughing without any illness, then this may be a warning sign that he is choking. Take a look down the throat, if you see an object, don’t blindly try to take it out, you may push it down further. In fact try and make him cough a little loudly, a slippery thing may come through that.

Take the coughing of your child as a warning sign

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