Emaciated Whale Washes Up On Shore with 40 Kgs of Plastic Trash in Its Stomach

5The autopsy carried out revels the grim realities of ocean pollution

The Whale had suffered extreme dehydration and was vomiting out blood. It ultimately succumbed to its state and the carcass was then taken to the museum for an autopsy in the evening. This was when researchers found the reason for its fate and were also confronted with the grim reality of plastic trash choking marine life.

The autopsy carried out reveals
Image Source: www.newshub.co.nz

6It had died of starvation and dehydration

The whale had actually died of Starvation. Researchers kept lifting our sheets of plastic from its stomach that included rice sacks, general consumer plastic bags, grocery bags and banana plantation bags.  Till date, researchers have recovered 61 whales and dolphins over the last decade but they have never seen so much plastic in one whale.

It had died of starvation and dehydration
Image Source: iflscience.com

7What the experts have to say

Daniel Blatchley a marine biologist and founder of the D’Bone collector Museum said “Upon reaching the stomach I knew this whale had died due to plastic ingestion. “I was not prepared for the amount of plastic, 40 kilos roughly of rice sacks, grocery bags, banana plantation bags, and general plastic bags. Sixteen rice sacks total. In the last 10 years, we have recovered 61 whales and dolphins, of which 57 have died due to fishing nets, dynamite fishing, and plastic garbage, four were pregnant.”


“This cannot continue,” he added. “The Philippines needs to change from the children up or nothing will be left.”

Image Source: iflscience.com

8It was a Cuvier beaked whale found all over the world

The Cuvier beaked whale is also known as the goose beaked whale. It is the most widely distributed whale species and is found in every ocean of the world. They can be found in warm tropical climates or temperate seas but they prefer deep offshore waters where they are most at home.

Cuvier beaked whale found all over the world
Image Source: www.irishtimes.com

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