Emaciated Whale Washes Up On Shore with 40 Kgs of Plastic Trash in Its Stomach

As if the world wasn’t reeling enough under the burden of plastic pollution, the latest discovery of the body of whale that washed up on the Phillipines coast with 40 kg of plastic in its stomach is the latest proof of this sordid reality which shows it has gone worse. Plastic pollution is taking a huge toll of our oceans and seas especially along the coastal areas of developing countries and mainly Southeast Asia where the biggest culprits are countries like the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.


1Whale was found emaciated and vomiting blood on Philippines shore

Scientists found the body of the giant whale that was found to have starved to death. It was also dehydrated and had been vomiting blood. Perhaps this was because of the enormous amount of plastic in its stomach not allowing it to eat properly and had become toxic obstructing its intestines.

Whale was found emaciated and vomiting blood on Philippines shore
Image Source: theprint.in

2Post mortem revealed the shocking reason it was starving

The post mortem done on the whale revealed the plastic waste in its stomach that included multiple shopping bags, 16 rice sacks and banana plantation bags. This is also proof of where the country throws its garbage into the sea rather than have them recycled. This isn’t surprising given man’s dependence on plastic using it for almost every type of packaging. The problem is no one really cares where it all ends up. Well, the whale has shown us now who the ultimate sufferer is.

Post mortem revealed the shocking reason it was starving
Image Source: independent.co.uk

3Conservationists are asking the Philippines to take strong action on plastic pollution

The finding of the plastic in the whale’s stomach has now prompted conservationists to call on the Philippines government to take more stringent measures against people dumping garbage into the sea. The problem is that such governments are too busy in politics while the lower strata of society lack education and social awareness to realize why they shouldn’t be dumping garbage into the sea.

Trash in sea water
Image Source: philippineslifestyle.com

4A huge amount of plastic trash in its stomach

The whale was a 15.4 feet male Cuvier’s beaked whale. It was found washed up on the coast on March 16th along the shore of Mabini in Compostela Valley in Davao City Philippines.  The D’Bone Collector Museum was then informed and researchers rushed to the scene to find the whale in a sorry state. It was totally emaciated. It had swallowed 40 kg of trash.

Huge amount of plastic trash in its stomach
Image Source: www.sciencealert.com

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