Hero Humpback Whale Saves Marine Biologist Diver From 20 Foot Long Tiger Shark

10Research proves the protective nature of whales and dolphins


There has been scientific evidence and incidents proving how Dolphins save humans. New studies have shown how whales and dolphins live human like lives owing to the fact that they have large brains and are more intelligent than other animal species. The study revealed the bigger the brain of the species, the more human like would their lives be. Such species displayed the tendency of adopting other species too.

Research proves the protective nature of whales and dolphins

Image Source: placesbook.org

11Much to be thankful for

In the video footage captured of the incident, the whale can be seen pushing and lifting Nan out of the water. The whale was aware of the danger from the shark and knew that the human was a potential victim The shark tried keeping Nan under its pectoral fin till she was safely lifted out of the water.


Nan has much to be thankful for due to the 14 meter long whale’s timely actions that saved her life. She was easily able to alert her team once she surfaced. She also noticed another humpback on camera. It was in the same vicinity and attempted to create a distraction till Nan was out of harm’s way.

Much to be thankful for

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12Biologists are hoping the incident will create awareness

It’s not every day that a whale saves a woman and biologists are hoping this incredible incident will create awareness into the personalities of whales as this is effectively the first time such an incident has been captured on camera.

Hopefully humans with a conscience will also share such incidents to generate awareness of how compassionate animals can be till enough voices are generated to stop the rampant whaling. Countries are still killing whales such as Iceland, Norway and Japan.

Biologists are hoping the incident will create awareness

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13Watch the incredible video

You can watch the video footage taken from Nan’s camera although the shark itself isn’t all that visible; Nan’s reaction after coming out of the water speaks for itself.


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