Hero Humpback Whale Saves Marine Biologist Diver From 20 Foot Long Tiger Shark

Even as hunting laws have been amended to shoot animals like bears while they hibernate, does the animal world respond in kind? Forget about the stupid justification that animals are dangerous and will kill you in the wild, of course they will, they are animals after all. While man given the evolutionary advantage of intelligence and superiority should do all in his power to protect earth’s species without credit, a wild animal protecting a human deserves no less a Nobel peace prize. A farfetched remark maybe!! But given the fact that this whale protects a woman is the biggest story trending on social media right now, it speaks volumes about the comparison between man and the animal world.

1Animals also display compassion and this story proves it

It proves how compassionate animals can be making no distinction between species and that too a species who has hunted it all its life. The most remarkable footage has been captured by a cook island resident studying humpback whales. The 50,000 pound creature actually saved her from a shark in the most dramatic way possible.

Animals also display compassion and this story proves it

Image Source: www.indiatimes.com

2What actually happened?

Nan Hauser 63 a whale biologist has been studying Humpbacks all her life. In an incident in October last year 2017, she was on a usual study of whales in the South Pacific  particularly  Muri Beach Rarotoonga in Cook islands when she was treated to an ethereal experience which she will definitely remember all her life.

What actually happened

Image Source: www.mirror.co.uk

3Proof of animal’s intuitive and protective nature

It was not just one but two whales that were involved in the incident. While Nan was in deep water, a 15 foot Tiger shark steadily approached her and it was obvious he wasn’t in a playing mood. That was a when two humpback whales rushed to her rescue. While one diverted the shark’s attention, the other made physical contact with Nan, pushing her with its nose and using its pectoral fin to protect her till she was safely into shallow water. It is a remarkable story for any reader let alone Nan who was definitely humbled by the experience vindicating her stand that whales are compassionate creatures.

Animals also display compassion and this story proves it

Image Source: www.mirror.co.uk

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