Weird and Wonderful Facts about Women

Women have always remained a puzzle for men. Women, well women know why they do what they do and don’t dare argue with them about it or watch out! Here are some weird yet wonderful facts about women which are less know to men and may help them in their relationship with their partner! These facts are the outcomes of a variety of research carried out on women across the world.

1 20,000 words a day

A woman can speak around twenty thousand words (20,000) per day. While an average man can speak almost 13,000 less words i.e. just 7,000 words a day. Try and note down each and every single word the woman in your life speaks! It’s not just difficult, just impossible. Women need to understand men don’t talk as much as they do because men can’t get a word in when women speak nearly twice as many words as a man does!

20,000 words a day

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2 47 hours 15 minutes

If you share your secret with a woman, then beware she can normally only keep it a secret for just 47 hours and 15 minutes. So next time, you want to share your secret with a woman do not expect it to remain a secret for very long. In fact, 47 hours and 15 minutes if you are lucky.

47 hours 15 minutes

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