Weather reporter asked to cover herself up mid report by fellow News Anchor


TV is a sensitive medium to do anything on it. Everyone has to look good on TV and some news channels do have a set dress code. There can be some restrictions to the kind of clothes one can wear at the work place, but the main goal is to look good on the camera, if your job is in front of the camera and not at the back. But a local news channel received lots of emails from viewers who were offended at the dress their meteorologist was wearing during the morning weather show and this prompted the male anchor of the show to do something to the weather reporter and this action of his has been called bizarre and out-rightly offensive.

See the reaction of the weather reporter and the outpour of comments on social media on the channel’s idiotic way of solving the problem.

1 The Dress Crisis!

KTLA news’s weather reporter Liberté Chan was giving the morning weather update on her show, when something unwanted happened. Chan was wearing a casual dress that looked according to the viewers, a cocktail party dress. Chan who has been with the channel for a decent amount of time was doing her usual reporting duties in the morning news show. The weather reporting was going without a hitch until something disturbed Chan during the middle of her daily temperature forecasts.

The Dress Crisis!

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2 Something happened right in the middle of the show!

When Chan was in the middle of forecasting her report, a hand made its way into the frame and Chan was taken aback by the interruption. Then you see that hand giving her a gray colored cardigan. What’s going on?” she asked. “You want me to put this on? Why? Cause its cold?”

Chan the forecasting report

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A male voice, presumably from her male co-anchor says no, the voice continue to say that, “we are getting lots of emails”, probably thanks to her short black beaded dress, that people thought might be inappropriate for morning TV. “WHAT? Really,” Chan asked. She later posted on her Facebook page that apparently, some of the viewers thought that her dress was too revealing.

Something happened in the middle of the show!

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3 Reactions from viewers and meteorologist’s reply

Actually the viewers got angrier than before as they saw that Chan was publicly asked to cover herself up, which made them believe that she, was being humiliated on air. The male colleague of Chan, Charles Burrous shared some clips of them reading the offending emails aloud, with some of the emails saying that Liberte’s dress was “a New Year’s Eve cocktail dress” and “a display of very poor judgment.”

Reactions from viewers

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Viewers had commented that Chan should not have been allowed by the producers to do the broadcast in the dress she was wearing, a comment that Chan took particular issue with, when she read it. But the backlash channel faced on giving her a sweater was much bigger than the reactions they got on Chan’s dress.

Chan then went on the social media to explain that it was not the KTLA that ordered her to wear the sweater. She said, “I was simply playing along with my co-anchor’s joke, and if you’ve ever watched the morning show, you know we poke fun at each other all the time.”


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