Weather Phenomenon That will Blow Your Mind


The weather is an ongoing source of wonder and beauty. At some time it is also deadly and weird. Here are some of the top weather phenomenon that you have probably never seen, or didn’t even know existed. We think we know all about the weather and the world but you don’t; some of these you won’t believe exist, but they do.

1 Brinicle

A Brinicle is an icicle made up of brine. It is created when very cold salt water meets ocean water. They form beneath the ice under the ocean when the salt water is tremendously cold. Looking like underwater tornadoes these brinicles hang down under the top of the sea and are just like a large icicle or hollow stalactite found in a cave. As salt is heavier than water it all clumps together and forms these amazing beauties of nature. If you ever you want to see a Brinicle, you better put on that deep freezing water wet suit with lots of thermal underwear before venturing into such freezing cold water!


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