We bet you didn’t know how amazing Shaolin Monks are

When it comes to spirituality, there are tons of things that we perceive. We never once truly know what deep set spirituality is about or where it can take us. With time, our mindsets change and we begin to adjudge things despite not knowing the true significance of the art. Spirituality is much more than an aspect of life. It is a way of living, a deeper meaning, a true way of existence that can be experienced in forms more than one. One such part of the spiritual world is the clan of Shaolin monks.


With hundreds of books, documentaries and even movies having dealt with the Shaolin monks, you might just assume that you know all about them. You might have known the myths of Shaolin monks over time but never once ventured into truly understanding the depth of this way of life. Some things, they say, are best seen instead of being talked of. Take a look at few amazing shots of Shaolin monks that truly mesmerize. Enthralling, to say the least, these pictures of Shaolin monks have a meaning of their own.

1 The Tale Of Shaolin Monks

One of the best icons and commonplace examples in the genre of human excellence is that of the Shaolin monks. These monks are symbolic or even considered iconic examples of spiritual awareness and true mental strength. Not many know of the real origins of the Shaolin monks. These monks are said to have originated from the Shaolin Temple. This is located at the county of Deng Feng in the Henan Province, Zhengzhou of China. Monks from Shaolin, commonly referred to as Shaolin monks have been students or learners of the ultimate truth since over 1500 years. There have been many tales related to how Chan Buddhism came into existence.

The Tale Of Shaolin Monks

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2 The Story Of Their Origin

The most popularly recounted and accepted version goes somewhat like this. The founder of Buddhism, Gautam Buddha, had called for all his disciples to gather up one day. However, when this gathering was in order, Buddha sat without uttering a word. This was odd given that his disciples expected some spiritual talk or dharma talk.


After a while, Buddha finally revealed that he held a flower is one hand and he began to spin it. While doing so, the disciples saw his eyes had lit up. While there was a lot of clamoring and curiosity, one disciple among the group that had assembled seemed to completely be at ease and did not seem to have any question. He was Mahakasyapa and as Buddha spun the flower, the former smiled with certain calmness. It was then that Buddha understood Mahakasyapa’s true understanding. He said, “I possess the true Dharma eye, the marvelous mind of Nirvana, the true form of the formless, the subtle Dharma gate that does not rest on words or letters but is a special transmission outside of the scriptures. This I entrust to Mahakasyapa.”

The Story Of Their Origin

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3 Chan Buddhist Clan and meditation technique

Now, Mahakasyapa did not go ahead and form the Chan clan of monkhood or Buddhism. He eventually became an inspiration to one Bodhidharma, who in turn, carved out the Chan Buddhist clan distinctly. According to the Chan philosophy, mediations can be both passive and active. It is important to notice that Shaolin monks are often seen meditating in upside or side-way positions in pictures. These methodologies of Shaolin monks reveal that they believe meditation techniques work differently when in inversion phase. These are responsible for pumping blood differently than otherwise.

Chan Buddhist Clan and meditation technique

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4 Shaolin Monks Inspire To The Hilt

Call it what you may, for us, these shots of the Shaolin monks only impress and inspire. They can indeed give their everything to spirituality and meditation. This is nothing short of greatness!

Shaolin Monks Inspire To The Hilt

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