Here is a simple way to keep mosquitoes and bugs away from you and your loved ones


Everyone on this Earth is annoyed and peeved by mosquitoes and other bugs in summer, when it is perfect time to do some outdoor activities. In the evening, as the sun sets and you decide to sit outside and have a barbeque party, these mosquitoes will be there to ruin your party with their presence and no matter how much repellent you use; they will be persistently annoying you. But don’t worry, we have a simple yet effective solution to this problem and the best part is that you can make it yourself in your kitchen.

1 Bugs and their annoyance

With the summer season on, the fear of bugs and mosquitoes has also returned. With the spread of Zika and other viruses, mosquitoes have become the prime concern everywhere and people are taking every viable step to keep these pesky annoyances out of their homes. You can use many things that will save you from mosquitoes when you are inside the house. You can use mosquito repellent, sprays, bug catcher, nets, etc., to keep them away when you are inside the house. But what will happen when you venture outside for a barbeque and spend time in the garden and mosquitoes attack you. Well, you can’t do much, apart from applying and reapplying the repellent ointment or keep spraying yourself with the bug spray. But we have for you a simple DIY mosquito trap that works outside.

fear of bugs and mosquitoes

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