The Way Your Dog Sleeps With You Can Say A Lot About The Kind Of Relationship You Share


You must have read a lot about how sleeping positions depict the kind of relationship you share with the person you sleep. But, do you know even dogs have some special ways of sleeping through which it can be ascertained as to how they are and what they feel for you?

sleeping with dog

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Although dogs need much more sleep than their owners, (around 12-14 hours), but it is the way they sleep when you are with them that tells a lot about your relationship. Check out these sleeping positions of dogs to know more about their true feelings.

1On the end of the bed

Whenever you go to bed and find your pet taking the end part of the bed, this means that although he wants to remain close to you, he also respects your personal space. Your dog recognizes you as the alpha and gives you your own space to relax. Taking up that space also means that he enjoys his space on the part of the bed which has more room for his own space as well.

dog sleeping on the end of bed

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2Under the bed

According to the experts at Tufts University, dogs prefer tight spaces as their ancestors used to sleep in dens. So, if your dog sleeps in this manner, it means that he is still in touch with his ancestral roots. And as far your relationship goes, sleeping in this position means that your baby is quite happy with you. He feels comfortable enough with you to do what actually is most comfortable for him.

Under the bed

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3On his own bed

The dogs who sleep on their beds are the ones who really appreciate their territory. They tend to be very confident of their relationship with their masters and actually don’t feel the need to sleep with them to prove that they love them. And yes, such dogs are very loyal.

On his own bed

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Are you a fan of spooning? And if you are, is your dog fine with that? Well, if that is the case, then you need to be happy about the fact that your dog really trusts you. He feels protected when you are around him, spooning him to sleep.


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5On top of you

If your canine loves to sleep on top of you, then it is an indicator of the fact that he actually doesn’t like to be away from you, at all! He may also be very dependent on you, so much so that he cannot imagine you being away from him, even if you are sleeping.

On top of you

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6On your face

If your dog actually sleeps on your face literally, then it means that he is trying to be as close to you as possible. This position may at times, seem too close for comfort for you and you may need to establish some boundaries in your bedroom. This you can do by asserting your dominance in the hours that you play with him during the day.

On your face

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7In the middle of the bed

There are some dogs who love to take as much space as possible, right in the middle of the bed. Now, if you have a partner and then your dog does this, in that case he is simply trying to find some space to get into the bed with his parents. But, if you sleep alone and then he takes up the middle portion even if there is space elsewhere on the bed, it shows that he is not very space conscious and tends more to his own needs than yours.

In the middle of the bed

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8Under the covers

If your dog likes to get bundled under the covers, then this one too is indicative of his need to tuck into tight spaces like the one under the bed. But here, the difference is that he is actually closer to you, which means that even though he is connected to his wild side, you are special to him.

Under the covers

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9Next to you

Does your dog sleep like a human beside you? If yes, then it means that your dog likes the finer things of life, such as sleeping on the bed, yet has no intentions of smothering you, with his love or his need to be comfortable. It also means that you both share a very secure bond with each other, the kind in which you don’t need to be together always, to prove that you love each other.

Next to you

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10Next to the bed

Some people actually don’t even allow their dogs to jump into their beds, and some dogs also are not able to make that jump. So, they sleep next to the bed of the owner and if your dog does that, it simply shows his devotion to you. He also knows the difference between his and your space, but even then he wants to be close to you and that he does by sleeping beside the bed.

Next to the bed

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