The Way Your Dog Sleeps With You Can Say A Lot About The Kind Of Relationship You Share

You must have read a lot about how sleeping positions depict the kind of relationship you share with the person you sleep. But, do you know even dogs have some special ways of sleeping through which it can be ascertained as to how they are and what they feel for you?

sleeping with dog

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Although dogs need much more sleep than their owners, (around 12-14 hours), but it is the way they sleep when you are with them that tells a lot about your relationship. Check out these sleeping positions of dogs to know more about their true feelings.

1On the end of the bed

Whenever you go to bed and find your pet taking the end part of the bed, this means that although he wants to remain close to you, he also respects your personal space. Your dog recognizes you as the alpha and gives you your own space to relax. Taking up that space also means that he enjoys his space on the part of the bed which has more room for his own space as well.

dog sleeping on the end of bed

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2Under the bed

According to the experts at Tufts University, dogs prefer tight spaces as their ancestors used to sleep in dens. So, if your dog sleeps in this manner, it means that he is still in touch with his ancestral roots. And as far your relationship goes, sleeping in this position means that your baby is quite happy with you. He feels comfortable enough with you to do what actually is most comfortable for him.

Under the bed

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