Watch the incredible video of this baby born in an Amniotic Sac

This is an amazing incident which catapulted this little newborn to instant fame all around the net. Unlike babies who are born without an amniotic sac, this little baby born in its amniotic sac in Greece was an unbelievable sight. Call it spiritually lucky as they did in ancient times, but it was fascinating to see this little guy completely encased in a caul which is another term for the amniotic sac.

His fame spread instantly; raking up 23 million views across the net because it’s quite rare to see a baby born in a sac. The moment was captured by noted childbirth photographer Leilani Rogers.

1 Baby wriggling out of its sac is an extraordinary sight

The incredible video footage of the baby born wriggling in his amniotic sac was uploaded recently by a Facebook user. It even shows the attending doctor state that the baby was comfortable when born and as he cuts the sac he welcomes the baby in Spanish. When the cuts are made the baby pops out of the sac and starts crying. For the proud mother it must have been an overwhelming moment no doubt.

For a baby to be born in its amniotic sac is extremely rare. Termed ‘en caul’, the sac is a membrane that protects the baby while it is snug in its mother’s womb. The sac which contains amniotic fluid provides the baby its sustenance and nutrition through the umbilical cord as well as assists in skeletal and lung development. The sac usually ruptures during labor and it is this occurrence which is commonly termed as ‘water breaking’. The chance of a baby born in a sac is 1 in 80,000. The fact that this particular birth was captured on video is even a rare incident.

Baby wriggling out of its sac

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