Watch The Audition Of This 9 Year Old Girl Who Stuns The Entire House And Judges On America’s Got Talent

In every season of America’s Got Talent, There will always be that one singer who never fails to amaze the audience and the judges. There are of course several fantastic singers who have appeared in this current season of AGT but very recently one little girl kept the judges spellbound and brought the house down with her rendition of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”.

9-year-old Celine Tam shocked judges on AGT when she burst into the opening lines of the Titanic title song made famous by the one and only Celine Dion.


1 Little Celine looked adorable but Simon doesn’t look too convinced

Small and petite in stature, little Celine Tam, all of 9 years old looked adorable as she walked onto the stage. As usual, Simon Cowell never really expected what was about to happen when he fooled around with Spice girl Mel B in making light fun of little Celine’s obsession with Celine Dion.

But! As soon as she faultlessly broke into song, the audience was on their feet within minutes and so were the judges including Simon. Celine Tam with her powerful voice performed a perfect rendition of “my heart will go on” hitting the high notes with incredible control and ease.

Little Celine looked adorable

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2 Her singing career started with a drive in the family car

It was obvious when the judges learnt before the performance that Celine’s idol is Celine Dion. Her career into performing started when her father heard her singing the Titanic song while the family was travelling in their car. Celine Dion’s famous song played on the radio and little Celine joined in with a voice that amazed even her own dad. Celine too realized that singing would become her passion.

Her father cultivated her talent and the results were obvious with the little girl’s performance on AGT. The entire family including Celine’s mother are undoubtedly hardcore Celine Dion Fans even naming their youngest daughter, Dionne.

Celine's parents

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3 Little Celine will be a tough Contender on AGT

With Celine Tam shocking judges on America’s Got Talent, it remains to be seen how she will endure the rest of the contest. She is definitely going to be a tough contender to beat and none will be surprised if she climbs her way far into the competition.

With that incredibly impressive and powerful voice, this talented 9 year old and of course the little Celine Dion will truly go places. Watch the video of her amazing performance as she stuns the entire audience.

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