Warning!! Some space junk will enter atmosphere of Earth on Friday the 13th


On November the 13th or 14th, something from outer space is going to visit us on Earth.

Some unidentified space junk is on its way to crash on our planet and our scientists were able to know this just few days back. The only knowledge of it, that the scientists have is that it is a 2 m long man made object that was identified around 2 years back and they lost it after that. Now that object is heading straight towards our planet and will enter our atmosphere.


Here is some more information about the said object and its impact.

1 What is the space junk?

According to scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, an unidentified object is on its way to plunge into Earth’s oceans in about 2 weeks.


The object, known as the WT1190F, was spotted by scientists on a trajectory that was mapped towards Earth. The object was spotted from far beyond the moon and based on its shape and size which is said to be cylindrical and hollow, the object is suggested to be man-made and is a space junk or garbage.

After confirming that it wasn’t any asteroid or meteorite, it was also confirmed that it won’t cause any major damage or problems on the ground. But there is a very big problem for the scientists because they don’t know what it is exactly and why it showed up on their radar only recently.

What is the space junk?

Image Source: www.tvqc.com

2 Prediction to enter

WT1190F was first discovered by Mount Lemmon Survey, which is a part of the Catalina Sky Survey program, in February 2013. The Catalina sky survey is a venture that was started to provide warning of objects that are approaching Earth from anywhere.


The trajectory of this object was predicted and understood. It tells that the object will enter the Earth’s atmosphere somewhere around the 13th or 14th of November 2015. The object has been placed in a curved trajectory and according to the Earth and Sun’s gravitational force, it is on its way towards our planet.

Scientists have also speculated that this object may be a disposed part of a spaceship or an empty fuel tank, in short a space trash.

Prediction to enter

Image Source: www.upsocl.com

3 Location of entry

The scientists have also said that WT1190F may be a piece of the rocket that gets away from the rocket during propulsion. Researchers and scientists usually keep track of all the junk suspended in space and floating everywhere.


But in this instance, the scientists lost track of this object and were surprised to see its trajectory towards Earth recently. People have speculated that the lost space junk may be a part of NASA’s Apollo programs.

The item was first recognized by scientists in February 2013; and then lost the track of it twice until it resurfaced on their radar recently.


As per their estimation, the object will fall into the Indian Ocean, probably some 60 miles off the coast of Sri Lanka.

Location of entry

Image Source: www.twimg.com

4 Dangers

The object is not supposed to do any damage to any nearby area since most of it will burn during its entry into Earth’s atmosphere. Whatever will be left is likely to fall into water in the Indian Ocean. But the scientists ensure that the show would be spectacular, since the object will become very bright when it will enter Earth’s atmosphere.


“It’s coming in fast and will get very hot – it’s possible a few dense parts of say a rocket engine will survive to impact the ocean,” said Jonathan McDowell, an astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.


Image Source: www.edyoucatives.com

Now let’s wait and watch what this space junk will show us when it enters our atmosphere, till then let’s just wish that it becomes only a light show and cause no damage to anyone.


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