War separated them. They found each other after 40 years and this happened!

Almost every one of us is hoping for equality and peace in this world, and that is the main reason why we choose those who are going to reign in the throne, those whom we will follow for the success of our country. It totally depends on the country where we come from, there are different laws and rules implemented which we need to follow as a citizen. Those laws and rules are created for us to have a straight path to follow towards a very peaceful life.


Sadly, that is not the case for all of us. There are some leadership styles that will go beyond the right discipline and often impose strict laws that will cause families to break and citizens to be killed. This is the main reason on why these two sisters had lost each other during war, and with the help of a reality TV show program, they met each other again after 40 years.

1 The War: Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot’s Communist Regime

On the 17th of April, 1975, Pol Pot had started the forces of communist people of the Khmer Rouge in the Phnom Penh, which struck the beginning of the very vicious regime in Cambodia. There were approximately one million people killed, almost 1/7 of the whole population of the country. Most of the people died of starvation, mistreatment, and malnutrition, or because of an illness that was never cured. There were also 200,000 that were executed and flagged as the enemies of the whole state.


The US started to pull out its troops from Vietnam in the year 1975, and the government of Cambodia totally lost the military support they need. That is how Pol Pot was able to take advantage of this opportunity and led his own army which consists mostly of teenage peasants. Pol Pot had aimed to build his own agrarian in Cambodia and name it as the Democratic Republic of Kampuchea. From that time on, he started the so called purification of the society.
With the war going on, the two sisters, Hong and Bo got separated, with no relatives alive because of the killings. Now after 40 years, Hong was able to have the chance to reunite with her sister.

The War: Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot’s Communist Regime

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2 The Separated Path of the Sisters

Since their separation, the two sisters had lived with a very different path. Bo had started to live in the Kampong Chhnang part of Cambodia and worked as a rice farmer. Ever since she was a child, she was not able to go back to Phnom Penh. On the other hand, Hong had left the country and was able to live in Texas, US where she was able to run a donut shop. Both of their lives were defined and marked by the great loss they suffered when they were still children, and since then, the two only had one dream and that is to meet each other again. It was never easy to live a life knowing that one of your relatives is out there somewhere, and you don’t really know if she’s still alive or not. Just thinking of the possibilities makes Hong’s heart break into pieces. But she still holds that hope that she will be able to see her sister again in the near future.

The Separated Path of the Sisters

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3 It’s Not a Dream

It’s Not a Dream is a popular reality TV show in the country which aims to reunite people who have been separated for years. Hong was invited as a guest in the show, and she had shared that all she wants is to meet her long lost sister, Bo. It was a simple dream of Hong, and she is hoping that the television show would be able to help her on this. And the next thing that happens will surely make you cry. It is very heartbreaking moment and will make you love your family even more.

It’s Not a Dream

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4 The Reunion

The dream that she used to have is now real. The host of the show called her sister who surprisingly entered the studio. The people watching the show was in tears as the two sisters hugged each other for the first time after 40 long years. It was a very long journey for both of them, and after being separated by war, their dream of seeing each other was now fulfilled because of the television show. The two was very emotional and cried endlessly when they saw each other. It was heartbreaking to see the two of them like that, and it feels like the two would never want that moment to end.

The Reunion

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5 The Future

Now that the two were able to meet after 40 years, they have decided to come up with the possible things that they can do in order to stay together, since Hong is living in Texas and both of them already have a family. The show had also managed to have lots of surprises for the two which they enjoyed. They never knew that the sad and heart wrenching life they had in the past, will never happen again and it is time for them to move forward.

The Future

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6 The Final

There are so many people who have praised the show for making this reunion possible. It has been 40 years and the two never lost their hope in seeing each other once again and because of the show, they made their one dream possible. It is very sad to know that people are being separated with their families and they are helpless at those times, but the bright side is, there are some people who are willing to help them just like the show “It’s Not a Dream.”

The Final

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