Want to know how to clean the drain? Try out this amazing trick!


Drains, especially shower drains are like magnet for gunk and other stuff to get in and clog it well and good. Also it requires regular cleaning and that means sometimes using your hands and fingers to pull out the gunk and the hair lodged in the drain.

Store brought drain cleaner can be a life saver, but ask any plumber and he will say that the chemicals present in the cleaner are going to cause you long term problems with the plumbing and even piping damage.So how to clean the drain then?


Don’t worry folks, we have here an extremely genius way to clean the drain, which doesn’t require the use of the harmful chemicals. Just follow the steps and instructions for a clean drain.

1 Step 1 – Requirements and initial start

The things you need to clean your drain through this genius way are, a screwdriver, rubber gloves, a plastic zip tie, a good pair of scissors, some white vinegar, some baking soda and a washcloth.

The first step is to remove the drain cover by using a screw driver. Most of the drain covers will come out when you stab them with the screw driver with just twist a little. Some have screws in them, while some have a locking mechanism that allows their easy removal.

Be careful if the cover is made of plastic or a little bit of more than required force will break the cover.

Requirements and initial start

Image Source: www.homerepairtutor.com


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