Waiter collects customers bill for $20 but then see’s something on it that renders him speechless

Brendan Motil has every reason to be happy. In fact before being overjoyed he was shocked actually and all because of a little tip. You see Brendan works as a waiter at the Smokey Barque in Frankfort Illinois. It was a slow working day and so Brendan had some time to chat amicably with one of the customers. Their conversation went on for about 10 minutes and Brendan explained how he was new to town.

The customer’s bill amounted to $ 20. That is the amount Brendan billed him for and he was given a credit card as payment. What happened after that was astonishing.

1 When he looked at the bill, Brendan was speechless

As usual when the customer was about to leave Brendan handed him his bill. It amounted to $20. The customer paid by a credit card and handed back Brendan the charge slip. He even cracked a joke mentioning to Brendan “I hope it goes through’.

When the man left, Brendan still had the credit card bill, he didn’t even realize the extra amount added on. When he finally did look, he couldn’t believe his eyes. His customer left him a $1000 tip!

Customer left a note for the waiter

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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