Watch the Viral Video of a campaign asked homeless people to write facts about themselves and the results are surprising

One of them was a robotics engineer, another a figure skater, yet another worked as a personal trainer. Does this seem like all success stories to you? Well actually they aren’t!! One thing all of these people have in common is the fact that they are homeless.


Among cardboard stories, an initiative by the organization ‘Rethink Homelessness’ several homeless people in Orlando were asked to write out one fact about themselves on a piece of cardboard, The response was overwhelming and heartbreaking.


1 Not all homeless people are uneducated

Among cardboard stories were college degree holders and those who practiced on NFL teams. Through some unfortunate incident in their lives, they ended up being homeless. According to CEO of the Florida Commission on Homelessness Andrea Bailey “We have to admit we thought wrong about who these people are,”.

The Commission was responsible for releasing the cardboard stories Rethink Homeless campaign to create awareness among common folk that homelessness isn’t just a choice but an imposition through personal loss or problems. The video campaign went viral.

homeless people queued

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2 The reasons for homelessness

The Video Campaign on Facebook includes several facts about homeless people that will surprise you. Some of the facts on homelessness are given below.

  • The leading cause of homelessness is those escaping domestic violence
  • Some homeless people even work and struggle to keep a roof over their family’s heads
  • In Central Florida alone over 30,000 experience homelessness, the majority being women and children
  • Homeless families with children are the fastest growing homeless population

Watch cardboard stories below


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