Video of a rare whale surfaces – species so uncommon, their population is unknown

Despite the earth being more than 4.5 bn years old and 200,000 years of existence of the human race, we are still discovering new species of plants and animals by thousands every year.

A new species of whales was discovered for the first time, although at 30+ feet long, they are quite hard to miss. Here is the whole story of the newest member of the whale family and how the team which discovered the live population of this rare whale, almost missed it.

1 The Omura Whale

This whale is a species of rorqual and it is so rare, that there is very little known about this whale. This whale is known as Omura’s whale after Japanese cetologist Hideo Omura. The first specimens of this whale were caught by Japanese vessels in 1970s in the Indo-Pacific region and one adult female was caught in 1998.


The whale resembles its bigger cousin fin whale. It also has a dorsal fin similar to that of it’s another cousin, the Bryde’s whale. The whales have asymmetrical appearance, with left side darker than the right side which is brighter in color.

The Omura Whale

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