Vets Are Warning about a Silent Dog Killer in your yard and here’s how to find it

Watching your dog run around in the open on your lawn or a field is an enjoyable experience. Dog also love the chance to run freely without the constraints of a home and a leash. In fields with tall grass especially, a dog will enjoy as he is an animal after all but here’s the problem. Tall grass can be hiding silent killers that can injure your dog grievously. Such danger can even be lurking in your backyard.

Although your dog loves playing in the open, this is one of the biggest reasons why you should never allow him to do so or you could inspect the entire field for something that harms your dog.

1 This is what can injure your dog grievously in tall grass fields

According to various veterinary sites like Goodfulness, certain types of grass are not exactly healthy play room for dogs. They could hide potential dangers that could be lethal. Vets are advising people only to allow dogs to run in areas that have been thoroughly inspected at first. The killer is nothing but a deadly form of grass called foxtail grass.


Harmful objects for dogs

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2 Foxtail can make sharp needle wounds

Foxtail grass is the main culprit here which can wound your dog’s paws and pads severely. It can even cause painful wounds and injure other parts of a dog’s body including its snout. Foxtail grass can pierce eyes, nose and especially the stomach of a dog. You should always be careful about this silent dog killer lurking in your yard.


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