15 Very Common Things Americans Do That Other Countries Consider Rude

We all should make it a habit to travel. And by travel, we do not mean to another state or city but to another country. As humans, we need to explore the world and see other places. Not only is this refreshing for our body and mind but it also is a great learning opportunity.


When we travel to another country we get to learn about their ways and customs. We get to learn their way of life. This is where we might find that the things we find normal and think are okay to do in our country might be considered to be rude or offensive in theirs.

1Laughing with your mouth open

When was the last time you laughed and covered your mouth? This is something not everyone does or is aware of. Many of us laugh with an open mouth and so do others. But in countries like Japan this is considered to be rude. There you must always cover your mouth when you laugh or even when you smile.


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2Opening your gifts immediately

Something that many of us do when we receive a gift is we open it immediately. There are times when the gift giver encourages us to open it immediately as they want to see our reaction. But, in many Asian countries like China, this is a disrespectful thing to do. Opening the gift in front of the gift giver means you respect the gift more than the person which is disrespectful.


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3Hand in your pockets

Something many American families have taught their children is that they should never keep their hands in their pockets. This is however now a forgotten lesson and many youngsters keep their hands in their pockets while talking. In countries like South Korea, Turkey, and a few Asian ones this is considered rude and impolite.


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4Blowing your nose

If you are out in the winter season and you catch a cold it is quite natural at some point that you will blow your nose. However, in countries like Japan blowing your nose in public is a frowned upon action that should never be committed. Over there if you need to blow your nose make sure to hold it up till you reach a bathroom stall.


Image Source: wsj.net

5Leaving an empty plate after a meal

When you are invited for a meal at your friend’s house or even at a restaurant what is that you normally do? Finish all the food on your plate? When you want your host to know you enjoyed the food they offered you, you will naturally finish all the food on the plate. But doing so in places like China, Russia, and Thailand means you are still hungry.


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