US Government has finally admitted they have overdosed americans on Fluoride


Finally after a long time, US government has confessed that they have overdosed Americans on Fluoride. Since 1962, the government was overdosing fluoride in drinking water. Aftermath, the government is agreed on minimizing the fluoride level in drinking water.

1 How Fluoride has stroked Human’s Life?

As per CDC report, it has disclosed that 40% Americans have suffered from fluorosis as a result of drinking fluoride water. Fluorosis is a condition that causes alterations in tooth enamel. It invites chalky lines on jaws followed by dark staining.

How Fluoride has stroked Human’s Life

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2 Newly Recommended Fluoride Level

The normal and ideal fluoride level in water must be 0.7 milligrams per litre. However, US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has accepted that they have injected 0.7-1.2 mg/L fluoride in drinking water; 70-80% high rate. The drug is added to water to prevent tooth decay but excessiveness is always bad.

The HHS have recommended to take the fluoride level to less than 0.7 mg/L as this level will assist in maintaining the productive advantages of water fluoridation. Simultaneously, it will help in minimizing the dental fluorosis appearance.

How Fluoride has stroked Human’s Life

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The new recommended level is proposed owing to the fact that now there exists multiple sources of fluoride formation like mouth rinses and tooth pastes. Thus, the new level is ahead to be adopted.

3 Should US Government continue to add a Drug into the Drinking Water?

Whatever dose is added into the supply of public water, the government is deprived of controlling the dose of fluoride at massive level. But should the toxic drugs be continued to add in water?
The situation is overwhelmed just the same as Dr. Mercola has proposed a crux. He says:

“If a doctor prescribes a known toxic drug to a patient but forgets to prescribe the dosage of the drug, the patient will become medically ill and become liable to legal action.”

The current affair being discussed is similar to the narration. No doubt, fluoride is helpful in preventing tooth decay but it had never found to be allowed by FDA to prevent cavity’s prevention.

Should US Government continue to add a Drug into the Drinking Water

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Actually, irrespective of the agreed lower fluoride level, the government still cannot scrutinize the exact public intake of fluoride. That is because,the public is ingesting fluoride in the form of mouth rinses, food, beverages, tooth pastes and other similar material. Thus, such extensive limit of fluoride cannot be traced.

4 Fluoride Ingestion is not Solely concerned with Dental Fluorosis

When fluoride is ingested for overcoming dental fluorosis, do you think that other parts of the body will remain unaffected form it? Certainly not. If its intake can affect the teeth surface then why not the body parts? It is guaranteed that other parts also prone to damage due to fluoride. It can be proved hazardous for other body parts like brain, bones and other organs. It can also welcome “Skeletal Fluorosis”.

It is to inform that when the fluoride is swallowed once, it does not reside only in teeth enamel rather it accrues across the tissues of the body. NRC 2006 Report has referred the fluoride as “Endocrine Disruptor”. It means that fluoride has potential to deceive the fate of biology of humans and even animals. This is proved that fluoride ingestion is not solely in line with the dental fluorosis.

Fluoride Ingestion is not Solely concerned with Dental Fluorosis

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5 Over Exposure of Fluoride

Like Americans are taking excessive fluoride, the public is on the ground of diseases including Arthritis, bone cancer, synthesis disruption, muscle disorders, lethargy, genetic damage, hyperactivity, tumor, bone fracture, antibodies formation, skeletal fluorosis, infertility and enzymes inactivation.

It is to be noted that the affects do not come on the screen directly and instantly. The patient abides by some affiliated symptoms that will consequence in the above mentioned diseases that are hazardous to overcome when enter in mature stages.

Over Exposure of Fluoride

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6 How to Pursue a Guaranteed Process of Fluoride Prevention?

Seeing the scenario, it has unveiled that even US government starts to lower the fluoride level; still the public is at risk. It is so because other food also contains fluoride drug. Thus, EPA is taking 90th percentile of drinking water to analyse and examine the potential sources of fluoride contribution. It has detected that fluoride affects far than just the teeth of kids. Thus, to determine hidden sources are held mandatory for US Government.

How to Pursue a Guaranteed Process of Fluoride Prevention

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