Evolution of the US army combat uniform has come a long way since the first khaki battle fatigues

Army Uniforms have come a long way since the heavy tunics of the 15th and 16th centuries. Even now, army uniforms are evolving in tune to various modes of combat. Till 2014, the US Army wore the Regular UCP or Universal Camouflage Pattern, but then it all changed to the new Army combat uniform known as OCP or Operational Camouflage Pattern named the Scorpion W2. The OCP uniform will be phased out by 2018.

The US army combat uniform is a high tech operational uniform, designed to become the perfect camouflage gear for soldiers fighting in diverse terrains. Camouflage uniforms have been used by the US for the last 60 years where the typical camouflage military fatigues have a history dating back to a few centuries ago.

1 In earlier days, soldiers dressed for style not war

Khaki wasn’t chosen as a regulation Uniform for its pattern or style. Even today as we label Khaki a fashion, the clothing was a necessity that provided both camouflage and flexibility in tune with the battle terrain.

In earlier wars, the British were famous for their redcoats, the heavy plumed and embroidered scarlet tunics and white trousers fashioned after the colors of the then British flag. Red was the traditional color of the Tudor Rose and the uniform was worn to represent the Union Flag which was red and white.

In earlier days soldiers dressed for style not war

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