Unusual deaths that could have been avoided

It is unfortunate that death is a part of the journey in life however also on our trip are different paths that we choose to take. Some of us are risk takers and some of us elect to adopt a safe route to things in life. Here are the stories of some folks who took dangerous risks and in all cases could have had been prevented.

1 Russian Woman Dies At Her Own Funeral

How unfortunate it was for Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov in Russia to not only be declared dead once but to die again officially. While friends and family were mourning over the loss of their friend and loved one, Ms. Mukhametzyanov woke up in her coffin screaming and horrified at what had occurred. She had been declared dead from a heart attack. Unfortunately for Ms. Mukhametzyanov she died ten minutes after being rushed to the hospital.

Russian Woman Dies At Her Own Funeral

Image Source: www.oddee.com

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