14 Unlucky Things to Never Keep in Your Home

You bought a new apartment or house and want to give it your own quirky touch which would spellbind you in every way? Well go ahead and decorate your new rooms and house the way you like it but keep in mind certain things or items that should not make way to your house as they might be a tad bit unlucky and bring misfortunes home. As a skeptic you may not believe in such things, but there are millions who do and it’s always a matter of being safe than sorry. Why keep something in your home that may reek of negativity and negativity has another name, bad luck! Here are 15 items that should never be kept in a home because of bad luck. Yes we know you do not believe in superstitions, still why to ask for trouble eh?


1 Mirrors

Many cultures limit the use of mirrors to the bare necessities and do not use it for ornamental purposes. In fact, it was a Victorian belief that all the mirrors should be covered as soon as there is a death in the house so that the deceased spirit does not get lost and confused in the mirrors as a doorway and get stuck there forever. If you want mirrors in your house, avoid cracked ones and place them in an open bright area of the house with positive energy brimming everywhere. You should also never place a mirror before your bed or facing a doorway.

Old mirrors

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2Rocking chairs

Every textbook horror movie has a grandfather antique rocking chair tugged in the attic and trusts me there is a reason for it too. According to Irish legend, an empty rocking chair in open spaces like your living room or porch is an open invitation for a specter to take a seat and enjoy your hospitality forever! If by any chance you catch it rocking by itself, it is not the wind for sure and may just be a negative spirit in your house.

Rocking chairs

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3Green paint

This superstition actually originated from a very solid scientific fact with its story way back in the 18th century when synthetic green dyes were used to decorate walls, they were toxic to lungs because they contained cupric hydrogen arsenic! These green paints or paper walls in homes and factories emitted toxic fumes leading to faintness or could cause a fatality from overexposure. It was after a public campaign in 1822 to alert the public through publication of these recipes that many future lives could be saved. Green walls are still seen as something unwelcome and unsavory even today.

Green paint

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4Broken or stopped clocks

A broken item is of no use and is a clutter but from a more philosophical perspective, Feng Shui strictly states never to keep anything which is broken or not working. It symbolizes that your life is stuck in a rut and not moving forward as it should be. Not getting that promotion? Well, maybe the stuck clock in the room is to be blamed for it! An even more heart-wrenching fact is that if a broken clock chimes, then there is an imminent misfortune looming over your family. So just chuck the broken watch and broken things out as soon as possible!

Broken or stopped clocks

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For all the exotic plant lovers who love to collect all types of cacti from the end of the earth, stop it right now as Feng Shui openly disapproves it. Any plant with thorns, prickly ends and ridges signify thorny relations in the house and workplace as well, the only exception is the ever-famous Roses as their thorns fall weak in front of the beauty and the smell of the bloom which exudes positive vibes all across.

Cacti Plant

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