Strange and unknown facts about 13 US Presidents that may surprise you

8 Woodrow Wilson Was A Ph.D.

He was also the only president with that qualification. The 28th president of the US was also Princeton University’s president for 9 years from 1902. Apart from the doctorate, he also earned 33 honorary degrees.

Woodrow Wilson Was A Ph.D

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9 Warren Harding Lost the White House China in a Card Game

Harding was one of the worst US presidents on record. He was also bad at playing cards and lost the White House china in a single hand. Rumor has it that his wife poisoned him to death saving him from the disgrace of continued scandals.

Warren Harding

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10 Calvin Coolidge’s Weird Morning Ritual

Among the strangest facts about presidents was Calvin Coolidge’s fetish!!! Coolidge would rub Vaseline on his forehead every morning while eating breakfast. Now that’s weird.

Calvin Coolidge’s Weird Morning Ritual

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