Strange and unknown facts about 13 US Presidents that may surprise you

5 James Buchanan Remained A Bachelor

The 15th president of the USA never married; he was also the only president to be elected from the state of Pennsylvania which was a probable coincidence.

James Buchanan

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6 Ulysses. S. Grant Received Was Penalized For Speeding

Speeding? Was he driving some futuristic dragster? No!! He received speeding tickets for driving his horse and buggy too fast. It was also confiscated into police custody all because the cops were unaware if they should be penalizing a sitting president or not. So they decided to act within the law. Grant’s paid the fine but still had to walk back home.

Ulysses. S. Grant

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7 Grover Cleveland Married His Ward

Grover Cleveland was guardian of Frances Folsom who was 27 years his junior. Frances became the ward of Cleveland when she was 11 years old upon death of her father who was Cleveland’s law partner. They ultimately married and became the first president to marry in the White House.

Grover Cleveland

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